Fake Movie Details No One Asked For, Yet Here They Are (25 Pics)

Reddit’s r/shittymoviedetails is the world’s largest repository of movie details that aren’t even real, but honestly, they should be.

It’s a no-nonsense place to share all the useless but funny details that you can point out the next time you find yourself knee-deep in a conversation about movies with a film snob. I’m sure they’ll appreciate these shitty movie details.


1. “In Pixar’s Up (2009) Carl and Ellie break into their Paradise Falls savings jar in order to pay for Carl’s hospital bill, this is actually a clever reference to the fact that the American healthcare system is literal garbage.”


2. “In Avengers: Endgame (2019), Scarlet Johansson throws herself off a cliff so she doesn’t have to be part of the girl power scene”


3. “In Game of Thrones Season 8, Daenerys’ last words are “we break the wheel together” which spelled backward says “rehtegot leehw eht kaerb ew” which doesn’t make sense just like the rest of season 8.”


4. “In Star Wars Episode 9, Kylo Ren receives a trumpet from …Black Widow? Wait what the fuck am I watching”


5. “Actors in black and white movies were often putting their lives in danger during driving scenes, as they weren’t able to tell if the traffic light was red or green.”


6. “In the Sonic The Hedgehog movie trailer you can see 22 coins instead of stars in the Paramount logo. This is a subtle nod to the fact that this movie will make 22 USD at the box office.”


7. “The Lion King (1994) correctly predicted the entire plot for The Lion King (2019)”


8. “In Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, “Dark Rey” hisses at Rey and her teeth turn into fangs. I wish I was joking, but this actually happens in the movie.”


9. “During the filming of Jurassic Park (1993), T-Rex was known to sweat profusely as it was his first major role in 55 million years.”


10. “VIN Diesel’s full legal name, Vehicle Identification Number Diesel, was the sole determining factor in his original casting for the Fast & Furious franchise.”


11. “Despite being a South Korean movie, Parasite also had an uncredited appearance by American actor Dwayne Johnson.”


12. “In Independence Day (1996) the dog Boomer survives, which makes him an OK Boomer”


13. “The film 1917, filmed in 2019, is claimed to have been a one-shot movie. This is impossible, as there were way too many guns fired.”


14. “Joaquin Phoenix chose this outfit himself for this scene to pay homage to his all-time favorite movie star; McLovin”


15. “Despite his name, actor Adam Driver was not considered for a role in Baby Driver (2017). This is because he was 33 when the film came out, meaning he was an Adult Driver.”


16. “More than 85% of The Dark Knight’s 180 Million dollar budget was spent on one scene. Director Christopher Nolan later said getting the shot right the first time was the most stressful moment of his career.”


17. “In Dark Phoenix (2019) Charles Xavier made his students wear an “X” on their chests so that the enemy would aim at them instead of him.”


18. “In Big Hero Six, Aunt Cass’s blouse covers her cleavage. This is because the animators didn’t belong in horny jail.”


19. “Visionary director Quentin Tarantino added this scene to From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) totally because it led to valuable character development and added cinematic value to the film, and not just because he wanted Salma Hayek’s foot in his mouth.”


20. “In The Hunger Games (2012), Peeta disguises himself as a rock and no one notices him. He was taught this trick by his cousin, a famous wrestler called Dwayne.”


21. “Actor Noah Ringer hated filming “The Last Airbender” so much that he tattooed a huge downvote on his head to symbolize how much this movie sucked.”


22. “Contrary to popular belief, Bruce Willis was, in fact, NOT dead at the end of ‘The Sixth Sense’, but was only pretending to be, as he is a well-known Hollywood actor, and continues to not be dead even to this day.”


23. “At the end of Titanic (1997), Rose’s last memory before she passes away is kissing Jack, which means she probably died in the middle of a wet dream.”


24. “In Avengers: Endgame, Howard the Duck makes an appearance for a mere 18 frames. But upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that Howard is far too old to be an Easter egg.”


25. “In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005), Harry uses a red lightsaber, revealing himself as a Sith Lord.”