Probably The Best Way To Troll A Scammer Is By Pretending To Be Stupid (39 Pics)

There’s not much more satisfying than seeing someone troll a scammer. The commitment to wasting this scammer’s time is worth going along for the ride. You may be wondering why there are so many photos so, for context, Imgur user jjcamarcababy explains:

“For those wondering why this all took place seemingly through only 11 mins, I used a burner phone number for this convo and I took these screenshots after the entire conversation before I deleted the number. The whole thing took 3-4 hours. I planned to keep going until he gave up from the stupidity but he… Didn’t? Ah well. Wasting his time means less time for him to scam someone who would actually fall for it.

Background: company gets emails from the scammer impersonating ceo asking for our phone numbers to text about a favor which is basically to buy gift cards and give the codes to the scammers so they can get a refund for them or something. I emailed them back with a fake number with an app that generates burner numbers and… yeah”

Obviously I didn’t actually do any of this stuff. I just pulled pictures from Google and sent them to him with my messages

And yeah it’s long, so tl;dr wasted scammer’s time by telling him I did not follow his instructions well”

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