There Should Really Be An “Unsend Text” Button (24 Pics)

There are some statements that can’t be unsaid. There are some texts that can’t be unread. Even if you think you’ve thought it through, think again before you click send. Otherwise, you may one day end up on this list of embarrassing and funny text exchanges.

Texts that will make you wish there were an “unsend” button:

1. College kids only care about one thing.

2. Lose my number if this is what you’re going to send.

3. You don’t need to tell your parents everything.

4. When you know you sent the message to the wrong person.

5. Feels like maybe this person got left on read.

6. This is why I start every text with “I’m not high.”

7. Not everyone can see when you’re fishing for compliments.

8. The only thing worse than a read receipt.

9. Someone had to tell her!

10. Two can play at that game.