People Share What They Thought Would Be “The Next Big Thing” Before It Flopped

16. RIP Quibi.

“Even bad timing aside (a mobile based streaming service at a time when no one could really leave their house) the marketing was just horrible. I saw ads for it for nearly a week before I realized it was a new video streaming service, and by that point was so annoyed by the ads untrusting everything I didn’t care at all, just out of spite. Also I mean it was just YouTube you have to pay for and got worse content.” –Disreiley

17. The machine that walks for you.

“Segways were supposed to revolutionize travel and replace the automobile. Now they’re just used for guided tours for dorks in tourist traps.” –TheLinguaFranca

18. Well, at least we know the reason.

“Airship travel. These were the next, awesome way to travel long distances; in fact the spire on top of the Empire State Building was meant as an anchoring point for airships.

The Hindenburg kind of put a damper on it, though.” –Creative_Waltz_9462

19. Coupling, take two.

“The US version of Coupling. It was peddled hard by NBC to be the next “Friends” when that show ended. IIRC, there was interviews with the cast and they were already musing about the show going into multiple seasons. There was big buzz since it was such a hit in the UK.

It lasted four episodes.” –StoolToad9

20. The SEGA Dreamcast

“It was Sega’s best console since the Genesis, but they shot themselves in the foot with the 32x and Saturn. Even with the great games, they still got crushed by PlayStation because Sega’s brand loyalty was dead.” –Soup_Ladle

Fun fact: “SEGA” used to make tabletop games for the military. It’s short for “Service Games.”

21. WeWork

“A classic case of something that was a good idea and actually at the right time, but was made to flop by being run into the ground by an unbalanced leader who was right about the ideas being timely and useful, but completely overselling it and taking a bunch of salivating venture capitalists down a primrose path. It also didn’t help that so much of it was really a sham and almost a Ponzi scheme.” –zazzlekdazzle

22. The Eco-friendly Dream.

“Paperless office. Over and over again, our managers reminded us that we are working in a paperless office environment. Never happened in my very large company. I have not heard paperless office in years now.” –dustbally

23. I worry they will someday make another appearance.

“The murder hornets everybody just kinda forgot about em.” –B3t4__

24. Olestra

“That fake fat they put in chips in the 90s that made everyone poop their pants.” –scarlett_o_o

25. Fair.

“2020.” –FairMiddle7

h/t Reddit: r/askreddit