People Are Sharing Life Hacks That Sound Fake But Are 100% Real.

16. Needed this one in college, yes.

“Nail polish remover gets permanent marker off skin. You know, in case someone draws a dick on your face.” –WearingCoats

17. Grab the Fritos.

“All your kindling for a fire is wet and all you have is matches and snacks, any corn chip will light into a ball of flames.” –NeutralTarget

18. It works!

“If you’re having trouble staying awake in class/at a meeting, see how long you can keep one of your feet lifted slightly off the ground.” –maleorderbride

19. Great advice that I never take.

“Sleep on big decisions.

You think most clearly in the morning, and often after some time passes you realize you were about to make a big mistake.” –uniadminthrowaway

20. Incredible if true.

“During pollen season…rinse your hair before bed. Otherwise you’re just depositing pollen on your pillowcase every night and then rolling your face in it all night. And then multiply that by how many nights you use the same pillowcase.” –blanketsmellslikeham

21. Always add butter, no matter the temperature.

“Got fridge hard butter and you want to bake? Cheese grate it.

It will still be work if you’re hand mixing, but it’s better than trying to chop it.” –scw55

22. Very true.

“If you feel suicidal or depressed….don’t focus on hope. It is enough to just stay curious. Curiosity has the power to keep you alive far longer than hope ever will. Curiosity leads to engaging work and this leads to opportunity.” –_Asher451_

23. Why count sheep when you can count… numbers?

“Counting really slowly with the goal of reaching 150 is a decent way to fall asleep. If you have any thoughts during it just let them play out, and if you forget what number you’re on just go from what you last remember. If you make any major movements just start again.” –Solacekia

24. Why didn’t they teach us this one in school?

“25% of 18 is the same as 18% of 25. Percentages are reversible and one is easier to figure out than the other one.” –DetroitJim

25. What if I sniff the glue? Will that help in any way?

“If you get a splinter that is still partially sticking out of the skin, put a drop of Elmers glue on it and let it dry. When you peel the dried glue off your finger, the splinter will be stuck on the glue and pop right off with it.” –MagnificentUnicorn77

26. My head exploded.

“If you’ve written on a dry erase board (or any glossy surface) with a permanent marker (like a Sharpie) just draw over it with a dry erase marker and it will wipe right off.” –TheNoisyNomad

27. I learned this one the hard way in an old VW Jetta that overheated in the summer. Blast that heat!

“If your car is overheating, turn your heat on full blast.

When you turn the heat on in a car, it pulls heat from the engine into the cab, thus cooling the engine. I was taught this in drivers Ed… 23 years ago. When in high school my buddy’s car would run really hot, I told him to turn the heat on. He wouldn’t. I had to convince him it was true by saying I would pay for resulting damage if the temp didn’t go down. It was the wintertime, and that heat was so dang hot we had to roll the windows down. But we watched his engine temp drop.” –Bryarx

h/t Reddit: r/askreddit