Bobcat Attacks Man’s Wife In Viral Video, Gets Yeeted

This was a wild 46 seconds.

A new viral video shows a man yeeting a bobcat into his neighbor’s yard after it ran up and attacked his wife from behind.

Twitter user @Evi3Zamora uploaded the video on Friday, saying: “This was a wild 46 seconds.”

At the time of press, the video has gotten 11.5M views and over 300K retweets.

The video begins with a man, later identified by @EviZamora as “Happy,” walking toward his car, putting his coffee mug on the roof, and commenting that the car needs a wash.

Then, outta friggin nowhere, a woman ( Happy’s wife) gets attacked by something, snarling and growling.

Happy then picks up the animal and shouts, “Oh my God, a bobcat!” He tosses the animal across his front yard and yells, “It bit me!”

Just watch the video:

Reactions, as they are wont to be, are priceless:

It even got some fan art.

At press time, it’s unknown whether the bobcat was rabid, but “Happy” claims it was and, well, he’s the only witness we really have so I guess we gotta believe him?