50 Genius Bathroom Designs That Provide Solutions To Often Unavoidable Problems

Good design can make using a public bathroom a much more pleasant experience. There’s nothing worse than using the bathroom at a to find out they’re out of paper towels. Simple things like clean surfaces and a full soap dispenser are the bare minimum. I’ve also been to places that go above and beyond when it comes to cool bathroom design.

Now I notice other cool designs that I never knew we needed but now that I’ve seen them, I think every bathroom should have them. Things like the foot door handle to keep you from having to touch the door handle or use your sleeve.

My favorite is having the sink outside of the bathroom. For one, it keeps the number of people in the bathroom to a minimum and now we know who is really washing their hands after using the bathroom. Now, if only they could invent a toilet that doesn’t flush automatically while I’m still sitting on it.

These cool bathroom designs provide solutions to problems you likely didn’t even notice.

1. “All Of The Toilet Lights In My Town Have Been Changed To Fluorescent Blue, In An Attempt To Prevent Heroin Users From Being Able To Find A Vein To Use”


2. “This Brewery Has A Sign In The Bathroom That Offers A Backup Plan In Case Your Date Isn’t Going So Well”


3. “My School’s Bathrooms Have Pedals Instead Of Handles”


4. “Whoever Invented This For When I’m Taking A Crap In A Public Restroom To Hold My Child In Place Is A Genius”


5. “The Toilet At My Work Has A Wall Of Strong Scented Wood To Replace An Air Refresher. It Works Surprisingly Well”


6. “These Kids Toilets In A London Museum Whose Sinks Slope To Cater For Progressively Shorter Children”


7. “This Disabled Bathroom Has A Sign To Say It’s Ok For Anyone Of Any Disability To Use It”


8. “This Zoo Has A Complimentary Sunscreen Dispenser In The Bathroom”


9. “Every Restroom Needs One”


10. “Japanese Toilets Often Have A Button That Plays White Noise/Water Sounds So You Can Poop Without Other People Hearing Your Business”


11. “The Bathroom At My Doctor’s Office Has A Discreet Way For Victims Of Abuse, Violence, Or Human Trafficking To Get Help”


12. “Public Toilet At Shopping Centre Has A Extra-Small Toilet Seat For Little Humans”


13. “My Office Flipped All The Women’s Restroom Vending Machines To Be Free”


14. “This Airport Bathroom Has Lights To Show You Which Stalls Are Free”


15. “I Have A Gender Neutral Bathroom At My High School”


16. “This Toilet Lock That Doubles As A Tray So You Can’t Leave Without Taking Your Stuff”


17. “Pet Bathroom At The Burbank Airport”


18. “Emergency Alarm Chords Running Along The Floor Of The Disabled Toilet In Berlin Airport In Case Someone Falls Over And Requires Assistance”


19. “The Female On This Restroom Sign Isn’t Wearing A Dress”


20. “Diaper Dispenser For Men With Babies In A Walmart’s Men’s Restroom”


21. “Auto Glass Repair Shop Men’s Bathroom Has A Full Blown Standalone Changing Table”


22. “This Movie Theater Has Screens In The Bathrooms So You Don’t Miss Any Of The Action”


23. “In Tallinn Airport, One Of The Men’s Bathrooms Has Step By Step Instructions On Tying A Tie”


24. “This Bar Has Sinks Located Just Outside Of The Bathrooms So Everyone Can See If You Didn’t Wash Your Hands”


25. “My School Put Free Pad And Tampon Vending Machines In The Girls’ Bathrooms”