People Are Sharing The Pettiest Things Their Exes Have Done

16. A true hero and defender of cats.

“I let my ex keep our cat we got together (after he begged me) only to have him call me a month later saying he didn’t want the cat anymore. When I went to get the cat from our old house, I found that my ex hadn’t cleaned the cat litter since before I moved out! I was mostly mad for the kittens sake. Honestly I doubt my ex took care of him at all. A fight broke out after he refused to clean the litter up so I ended up dumping the whole litter box right on his living room floor. Then I stormed out with the litter box in one arm and the cat in the other.” –shannadean

17. Dead serious. Breakup cost and arm and a leg.

“cut the sleeve off of a dress shirt the other woman had bought him and put it back in the closet so only the good arm was showing. Got a text from him a couple weeks later that simply said ‘are you fucking serious!?’ … Yes… Yes I am.” –HuskyMeekah

18. You wouldn’t dare!

“After I broke up with my girlfriend, she logged into my Netflix account and gave five stars to a bunch of Barbie movies and messed up all my ratings.” –glena2

19. Good luck, other lady!

“”After a year of marriage, I found out that my husband had been cheating on me. So, while he was moving out, I poured out his bottle of liquid Cialis and refilled it with water.” –metrofairy

20. Technically fraud of some kind.

“I still use my exes phone number for his Walgreens card. He’s so stingy I know he’ll never redeem any of his points so I randomly get $5/$10 off at Walgreens.” –ButterflyApathetic

21. Sounds like a party!

“My ex made a Craigslist ad inviting people to come watch a threesome and linked it to my number. I was getting calls and texts ALL MORNING!” –ericas48b1e499d

22. A classic.

“My ex slept with my best friend, so I slept with his best friend.” –m16

h/t Reddit: r/AskWomen