If You’re Going To Be Wrong, At Least Be Confidently Wrong (23 Fails)

People on the internet are a whole new genre of wrong. Seriously, they claim to be correct about everything and argue with correct people until reality shifts to their wrong force of will. They’re like Thanos if he weren’t smart and powerful. If you’re the type of person who loves laughing at people when they’re incorrect, buckle up. These people were so confidently incorrect, they almost sounded right. Until, of course, someone corrected them.

Funny stupid people are great because oftentimes, they believe they’re the most correct person on the planet. Honestly, it’s scary. Save for true egomaniacal monsters living amongst us, I like to think people are good and decent. They are. They also believe, however, that phone towers spread viruses. Being wrong doesn’t make you evil. Insisting you’re right all the time, however, might toe the line. I wouldn’t know. I’m always right. These people, though? Not so much.

Here are the funniest recent moments where people were wrong, but confidently thought they right:

h/t Reddit: r/confidentlyincorrect