15 Hairdressers Share Stories About The Worst Customers They’ve Ever Had

11. Because she cares!

“My stylist once had a woman with hair past her butt who wanted to donate everything to Locks of Love.


This woman with hair down nearly to her thighs says she wants a pixie cut, and is donating everything else. After checking multiple times to see that she was positive she wanted a pixie, and not a short bob or anything, the stylist starts cutting.

The woman sobbed the entire time. Like, shoulder shuddering sobs in the dressing chair with her sad little haircut cape on.

Stylist kept asking if it was ok, but the woman was determined to help people with cancer, and told her to keep going and to ignore her tears.

My stylist said it was the most awkward experience of her life. Other customers kept coming in and probably assumed she was maiming this poor woman.” –PoopsieDoodles

12. Modeling is my passion, not bathing.

“When I was an assistant at my first salon right out of school we had classes every Wednesday night. Well one week I couldn’t find a model in time so my mentor had someone she knew come in and be my model. So the model comes in, seems perfectly normal. She sits in my chair I start the consultation and start looking through her hair to see what I’d need to do.

Apparently, this young lady had not washed her hair in what I’m assuming was weeks because her hair was so greasy that every time I touched her hair my hand came back drenched in grease. And the smell, oh man I’ll never forget that smell. It was the worst thing I’ve ever had the displeasure of working with. I asked my mentor if I could shampoo her before starting and was told that I couldn’t. So here I am working on this girl who almost literally has grease dripping from her hair. I must have washed my hands 10 times that night. Needless to say I had my own model for every class after that one.” –subtlesubterfuge

13. When a pimp pays for the cut.

“I’m a hairstylist, pretty new still. In school, you can’t really turn anyone away. I had a prostitute sit in my chair, tweaked out of her fucking mind, with her pimp telling us to dye her stringy, fried hair blonde and cut it to her chin. She didn’t speak for herself at all, she wouldn’t even look in the mirror. he gave all the instructions, he definitely had a specific look for her in mind.

He was a huge asshole to everyone and she left the chair to go cry in the bathroom. A classmate went to go check on her and she had just walked out of the door. He left really quick after that. I think about her sometimes and I hope she’s okay. I wish I had gotten the chance to make her feel beautiful.” –fleur_de_la_cunt

14. Yikes.

“This was while I was still in school. Dirty looking woman came in needing her hair washed and probably cut too. She had open sores all over her face and neck, which meant she probably had them on her head too. Her hair was completely dreaded into one huge dread from how dirty and tangled it was. I was in the middle of putting conditioner on her when she informed me she was HIV positive for over 15 years.” –scorpionbutt

15. Practice makes perfect.

“Technically not hair, but my best friend went to cosmetology school and said the majority of pedicure practice came from old men who would come in to get their toenails cut, because they were too old to do it/couldn’t reach them/whatever. One girl is cutting some old man’s toenails and one went flying right into her mouth.” –ALynn1982

h/t Reddit: r/AskReddit