Book Lovers Are Sharing The Common Tropes In Books That They Hate (18 Replies)

11. You are the chosen one!

“My biggest pet peeve in books is ‘The Chosen One’ trope. It’s okay when you’re a kid but when you’re an adult you just see lazy writing.” –santichrist

12. Is it true?

“Prophecy. It’s mostly another word for plot armor. As soon as it’s introduced, there isn’t much tension to the conflict anymore.

Now it does work when the prophecy was fake or misinterpreted since that creates a discussion on blind faith or the characters are suddenly in real danger because the higher powers aren’t looking out for them.” –detective_number_9

13. Good point.

“As a woman who married a widower, I really dislike romances where one of them was married before, and even if he or she thought it was a happy relationship, they have to find out how secretly evil and twisted their first love was before they can fall in love with the new love interest. Like… it’s possible to be in love more than once in your life. It doesn’t undervalue your present relationship to say your last one was also good. Especially when the person is dead.” –Far-Adagio4032

14. Let’s pretend.

“Fake dating. Is my life just boring because I have never met anyone who has ever participated in fake dating. Seems so stupid and unrealistic to me.” –ermyneeandwheezy

15. Convenient memory loss.

“The amnesiac spy. Bourne was good. Everyone else sucks.” –blacksad1

16. This person has had enough of teenagers.

“When the main character takes every possible opportunity to sacrifice themselves (usually in YA). Like no 16-year-old is seriously going to offer up their life for the tiniest thing, and we know that they’re not actually going to die, especially when it’s only halfway through the damn book. It’s SO unrealistic and SO predictable and quite frankly, no 16-year-old is that ‘good’ of a person.” –Interesting-Buy-3669

17. Calling out a specific book!

“Dysfunctional quirky parents. When the whole story revolves around the kids having to learn how to deal with all the trauma of being raised by them for years. Looking at you Family Fang.” –binturong_224

18. Magically, our protagonist can do it all.

“The main character just being good at everything. Like Ready Player One when he had just consumed 4 decades of content and was the best at every old game by the time he was a teen, somehow. Man that book sucked.” –Hoosteen_juju003

19. Descriptions of women that are… common and less good.

“The female love interest has red hair, blue/green eyes. Why do they always have Auburn hair color.” –user18name

And don’t forget: “her ivory skin and slender, soft figure…” –27hangers

h/t Reddit: r/books