25 People Share The Hilarious Conversations They Didn’t Mean To Overhear

Overhearing a conversation isn’t always a choice. In these instances, I’m glad these people had to hear what someone else said, and told the world about it.

I’m always hunting accidental overshares or people rudely talking on their phones in public. I want to know how other people live. Frankly, I like eavesdropping.

The people who shared these moments, however, didn’t mean to hear what they heard. These people had hilarious conversations thrust into their ears without consent.

Here are the funniest tweets about overheard conversations:

1. Bassoon is life.

2. The struggle is real.

3. I think I know the whole story.

4. Kids say the darnedest things.

5. Awkward…

6. Roasting his own dad.

7. Here’s hoping.

8. Ice cold.

9. Marriage is fun.

10. Whatever it is, shut it down.

11. It’s bad for you to use it.

12. We’re done here.

13. Father knows best.

14. Dream bigger, dad.

15. Sounds delicious.

16. Do not mistake kindness for flirting.

17. Living the dream.

18. Pain, bro.

19. Solve this mystery now!

20. Wow.

21. These are the products you’re looking for.

22. Warms the heart.

23. No one deserves it.

24. Always listen in.

25. Friends for life.