You Should’ve Called A Dry Cleaner (25 Ironing Fails)

Doing laundry is one of my favorite chores, but I’m not good at it. I never read the tags or separate items. I just throw it all in there and hope it works out. Maybe I’m lucky but I’m surprised I’ve never had any ironing fails. One of the only nice things about being home all the time is I don’t have to get dressed up for anything. I’ve been wearing sweatpants for the last 8 months.

1. “My Friend Has An Ironing Board That’s Haunted By The Ghost Of Jaws”


2. “My Mother’s Pressing Iron Fell Onto Our Synthetic Carpet And Left A Perfect Mold”


3. But You Gotta Explain…


4. “Well..Crap”


5. “My Poor Girlfriend Wakes Up To Her Laptop With A Hot Iron On Top Of It Courtesy Of Her Brother”


6. “After Investigating A Complaint (Smell), They Found That Guests Got High And Were Using The Hotel’s Iron To Cook Dry-Rubbed Steaks”


7. “A Piece Of Furniture My Great Granny Used For Ironing”


8. “Girlfriend Turned The New Iron On Without Checking The Bottom. She Turned It Into A Boiling Plastic Spreader”


9. “My Steam Iron Wasn’t Working Properly So I Decided To Run It With Vinegar, Thinking It Might Be Related To Calcium Deposits… Guess I Was Right”


10. “When You Put Volvic Flavoured Water In Your Iron, It Doesn’t Make Your Clothes Smell Of Forest Fruits It Just Melts All The Sugar And Ruins Your Iron And Top”

Tom Agnew

11. “Oops. Someone Left The Iron On For Too Long”


12. “A Perfect Example Of Why I Hate Ironing”


13. “Ironing The New UK Notes…Great Idea”


14. “I Ironed My Shirt On The Board. I Thought I Could Do It On My Body. I Was Fine Until I Hit The Steam”


15. “Someone At Work Accidentally Set A Hot Iron On The Table And It Melted Through”