Woman Says It’s “Tacky” To Eat The Free Bread At Restaurants And Ignites A Debate

I never thought I’d see the day we got into a fight over free bread, but here we are. Something vaguely revolutionary about it.

So recently, @sIicksista took to Twitter with the question “isn’t it very tacky for somebody to eat the free bread as soon as you get it?”

She explained further: “You should wait five minutes before reaching for the bread. If you that hungry you should’ve had a pregame meal.”

So obviously, wtf, girl? I feel so sorry for you. It’s bread! It’s on the table. Eat it?

Why would you wait five minutes? That bread gets cold. Also, it is bread. Eat it.

The votes currently stand at an overwhelming NO MA’AM with 368,744 voting against this ludicrous claim.

And people are SLAPPING in the comments, it’s great.

@jennyagyei / Twitter

@AlishaGrauso weighed in, “Yes. In fact, in an ideal situation, I attack and maul the server for their bread like a rogue lion before they can even get to the table. I just go right for the throat, straight Ghost and the Darkness that shit like an apex predator.”

@ABRbeanz / Twitter

@JacsonBevens wrote “150k votes in and it’s still 97-3. Not even the Falcons could blow this lead. Ain’t anything on the planet that 97% of people agree with. You could ask if the Pope is a lizard and get 4% yes.”

“Imagine letting some a1 garlic bread go cold cause you don’t wanna look hungry while sitting in a restaurant,” typed @CatchBoyardee.

And this was truly one of the best replies: