History Buffs Reveal Who They Think Is The Toughest Person In History (16 Replies)

11. Susan Kuhnhausen, who killed the hitman her husband sent to kill her.

“She killed him by strangling him with her bare hands.” –LegitimateAwardShow

12. Napoleon

“Fucker got half of Europe declare war on him. Not France, Napoleon himself.” –NoLiferBg

13. Major Hugh Thompson


“In 1968, Thompson managed to stop the My Lai massacre almost single handedly. He arrived after many civilians had already been killed, and couldn’t understand how they had died.

After realising his fellow American soldiers were firing on unarmed civilians, he landed his helicopter between the Vietnamese and the soldiers. He then told the troops that if they continued to do what they were doing, he and his crew would open fire on them. After getting back to base, he filed a complaint about what he had witnessed. His complaint was covered up, and he was shunned as a traitor. It wasn’t until 1998 that the army acknowledged he did the right thing.

It’s common to be brave in war when you know that you’ll be lauded as a hero – it’s another thing entirely to do it knowing you’ll be seen as a traitor. He turned against his troops and country to protect innocent lives, despite what it would cost him, and I think that’s about as brave as you can get.” –hellebellet

14. Horatius Cocles of Rome.

“Single handedly held off an entire army while other soldiers destroyed the bridge he was standing on. He was so effective that the invading Clusium soldiers just resulted in lobbing swords at him to see if it would work.” –A1BS

15. Mad Jack Churchill


“On D-Day, he stormed the beach armed with a broadsword and a longbow. He has the only confirmed kill with a longbow in WWII. At one point he was captured, escaped, and later found playing his bagpipes. Dude was a fucking legend.” –Sandman1031

16. Harriet Tubman

“She was barely 5 feet tall, experienced “spells” because of a traumatic brain injury, repeatedly snuck into the south to free slaves, was a spy and lead an armed assault during the Civil War.” –americasweetheart

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