“What Could Go Wrong?” — 21 Painfully Costly Mistakes

Recently, I learned something about Murphy’s Law. The adage “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong” doesn’t mean whatever can go wrong will always go wrong.

Rather, if something is 99% effective, 1% of the time, there’s a real chance it will fail. And if you run an experiment enough times, there’s a guarantee something will go wrong, eventually.

The people in these photos, however, prove that stuff goes wrong way more often than necessary. Frankly, human error causes a lot of issues.

Luckily, these rough moments didn’t happen to us, so we can laugh about it. Whenever someone asks “what could go wrong” and then instantly regrets their decisions, Reddit is there to capture the moment.

The subreddit r/whatcouldgowrong shares images of exactly what went wrong and they are hilarious. Let’s gather around the old screens and thank God we weren’t any of the people who messed up this bad.

Here are the funniest photos of moments people asked “what could go wrong” and then found out:

1. Make sure your paint cans are closed when you drive them home in your Maserati.

2. Well, you don’t have to wash them?

3. Didn’t go according to plan.

4. It’s all fun and games until this happens.

5. The priciest fast food.

6. Truck pull.

7. Dang. That sucks.

8. She never saw it coming.

9. This guy left to get beer and came home to see this. Lucky!

10. Why bother securing the tent?

11. When you think the bridge has a better clearance.

12. Never leave the dog alone in the RV.

13. Woops.

14. The gym caved in.

15. Don’t store all the paint on the top shelf.

16. Great parking if you never want to get your car out again.

17. Week old car.

18. At least you didn’t hurt yourself.

19. Not very observant.

20. That looks expensive.

21. A pricey crash.


h/t Reddit: r/whatcouldgowrong