People Are Sharing Forgotten Trends That Thankfully Are No Longer With Us (21 Replies)

By definition, trends come and go. Some, however, disappear completely after seeming to be everywhere. These are more accurately called “fads.” Hey, they were cool at the time.

Not everything needs to last forever. For instance, skinny jeans. The baggy ones were comfortable. We nailed it on the first try.

Other traditions and trends will last an eon. Like bed bugs. They’re here to stay. Always.

A Reddit user asked a question that unlocked something in everyone’s brain: “What was a huge trend that everyone has forgotten?” People with better memories than I have responded.

A whole world reopened while I read about these trends of the past. Sure, no one mentioned Ribbon Dancer or Moon Shoes, but I’m old. People are nostalgic about the 2000s because it was, I’m sorry to say, more than a decade ago.

Here are the best replies to the question: “What was a huge trend that everyone has forgotten?”

1. Bacon was everywhere.

“That weird period in like 2013 where everything was bacon flavored. There were bacon costumes, toothpaste, candy, everything.” –mynameisfifield

2. The worst emoji.

“Poo. A few years ago everything had the poop emoji in them. Toys, clothes, pencils, everything.” –Snippy_Snallygaster

3. The worst people did this, and I’m including most of my friends.

“Mustaches on everything from upper lips to t-shirts to finger tattoos.” –Acrobatic-Permit1516

4. This person has a long list, and it sounds like they were all annoying.

“Cupcake bakeries popping up everywhere about 15 years ago.

Tattoo chokers in the 90’s and then they were popular again about 7 years ago.

Scrapbooking and cricut machines.

Diamond grills on your teeth.

Scaring your cat with a cucumber and recording it.” –Deelia

5. Planking. It was the only exercise for a year or so.

“Functional personal trainer here. Planks are great but if you can sustain a plank for longer than a minute while keeping the proper form then you need to move on. The problem is most people do them wrong and don’t actually keep their backs flat and core engaged. When looking at core workouts it’s crucial to make the reps count rather than count the reps.

If you want to move on from plank I recommend a reverse crunch with bent knees for the lower abs, a side plank crunch for the obliques, and solid standard crunch. Again you’ll see more out of these if you focus on form and really targeting the muscles rather than trying to do 50 of each.” –ManicFirestorm

6. Live Strong Bracelets.

“Those were a ball! So dope. I was always juiced to wear one.” –Butterat_Zool

7. Cup Stacking.

“I had a whole set with cups, timer, and mat. Best part was the cups glow in the dark lol. Would always take my cups outside and the rush to my room and stack with the light off.” –treblev2

8. Frosted Tips.

“Guilty over here. As a member of the Class of ‘00, my senior pictures look straight out of an *NSYNC photo shoot.” –CheckYourStats

9. Slap Bracelets.

“They gave these out at a camp (of over 10000 kids) and then had to ban them because kids were taking the metal bit out of the cover and slapping each other with them and slicing their arms up. They gave them back at the end of camp.” –Madsys101

10. Second Life was supposed to change everything.

“My college went ballistic about it. Teaching at length on the evolution of life and what does this mean for the self and all these dichotomies. Life as art, instant content. What do avatars mean about the self? It was changing life as we know it, they guaranteed a life completely driven by second life.

The insanity was kind of mostly driven by the name, in my opinion. If it was called The Sims, nobody would have cared.” –maybethingsnotsobad