25 People Share Secrets They’ve Never Told Anyone Before

Whoever made up that rhyme about how “secrets are no fun” had nothing interesting to share. The people in this post revealed secrets from their personal lives that they’ve never told anyone before.

It’s brave and strange and worth your time.

Someone on Reddit wanted some hot gossip, and instead got a slew of childhood stories and weird experiences. The question was simply: “What is a secret that you will never tell anyone?”

People made some burner accounts, and let the stories fly.

Here are the best answers to the question “What is a secret that you will never tell anyone?”:

1. What was really lost in that house fire.

“About a week before I graduated highschool my family had a massive house fire. We lived out in the country, and no one was home so by the time anyone noticed it was on fire it was way too far gone. 30 ft flames above the roof. We lost everything, but had insurance and no one got hurt.

Anyways, I was in a chemistry class at the time that around 70% of the grade centered around a lab notebook that was graded all at once at the end of the semester. You would do labs every week, and then do lab write ups in the notebook. I had been slacking off and was way behind on the assignment and would have had to pull a few all nighters just to turn something in.

The day after the fire I went into class and told my teacher that the notebook had went up in the fire and that I had no idea how I would ever turn the assignment in. He was extremely nice about it, told me not to worry and gave me 100% on the whole assignment. Just said that I had bigger things to worry about and was about to graduate and that he hoped my family was doing ok.

…well the notebook was in my car the whole time. Threw that bitch away and swore myself to secrecy.” –Steid55

2. Yes, there is a Santa Claus.

“One Christmas I was 9 years old and knew that Santa wasn’t real but for my 7 year old brother the fantasy was very much alive and good. We shared a room and my brother woke up on Christmas morning and looked confused that Santa had not eaten the Kit Kat that had been left out. He went quiet and I could see that he was working the facts through in his head, when he wasn’t looking I ate the Kit Kat and showed him the wrapper and claimed he imagined seeing the wrapper unopened.

This was 26 years ago and I have not told him in case he works out Santa is not real.” –10pencefredo

3. All’s Well That Ends Well

“When I was in high school a friend confided in me that they had problems with cutting. Showed me recent marks. We had a long talk.

I went to the counselor of the school and told them a couple days later. I was a teen. I struggled with the choice, but ultimately the fear of losing my friend won.

Long story short, they ended up in a mental facility for a month and came back, absolutely baffled as to who ratted him out. Decided it was probably a different friend.

Well. I married him. He still doesn’t know.” –UnrestrainedTrash

4. The dark side of serving.

“The real reason I was discharged from the army was because I was raped and wasn’t able to tough it out. I always just tell my bros that I hurt my head or something.” –Throwaway910200287

5. A bad trip.

“I was on mushrooms, the special kind, when my mother killed herself. I spent the night surrounded by the police in the hospital and it has always really fucked me up. I thought about creating a throwaway to make this post but fuck it.” –avalanchefan95

6. A big score.

“About 20 years ago I worked for a big publisher. They were upgrading all their tech and just dumping it in a skip. I asked a security guy if I could take some stuff from the skip and he said to help myself as it was all going to get crushed anyway.

During a night shift I filled up my car with of beige G3/Quadra Apple Macs, keyboards, mice and some 19” Formac screens. Some of the macs had Quark Express and Photoshop on them.

I cleaned them up and sold the lot. I made enough to buy a G4 Quicksilver of my own which I still have today. I didn’t tell my co-workers, ex-wife, managers or anyone else.” –Sean_696

7. Cars are pricey even when they’re free.

“My mom left me to be homeless while still in high school to move out of state with an abusive (to me) new husband. When I finally got back in touch with them three years later, they gifted me one of his prized possessions, a car. It was kind of an olive branch? Problem was as a barely 20 year old with a minimum wage job living in DC, I couldn’t afford to plate it, inspect it, insurance gas or taxes on it- nothing.

Still full of hatred for this man and therefore somewhat out of spite.. I sold it to a coworker friend whose big family desperately needed it for probably 10% of what it was worth. Told my step dad and mother that I got in an accident and it cost $400 to tow and my insurance only covered blah blah… it’s been 11 years.” –leaky_orifice

8. Not healthy, but I understand.

“My first job in highschool, I had been there for a couple years, some new kid came in and told a bunch of lies to the owner about stuff I had “done at work”. I wasn’t questioned just let go immediately.

On the kid’s next shift my best friend and I went and placed large nails up against all of his tires so when he drove forward they would go right into his tires. I hear he had to replace all four. That was 20 years ago and I still side eye when I see him around town.” –Que_sax23

9. Who would do this?? I would.

“When I was 9, my dad and I were reading Reader’s Digest and found a magazine subscription card for a free case of Depends adult diapers, so we wrote my uncle’s name and address down and put it in the mailbox.

He got it a couple weeks later and called everyone in the family to find out who it was. We knew my uncle was fuming, so we kept it to ourselves. To this day, everyone suspects that it was my other uncle.” –1BoiledCabbage

10. This is rough.

“Throwaway because there’s no chance of me ever saying this in person. As a kid I grew up in a small country community of 3000 people, where I went to school etc.

I had a crush on a girl who was 2 years older than me all the way through high school, and when I was 16 I found out she was my half sister as my dad had cheated on my mum. This only came out when she turned 18 and found out who her dad was, prior to that no one knew and my dad and her mum had kept it a secret for 18 years. Completely fucked with me for quite a while that I’d had a crush on my half sister for a number of years.” –letsplaysquash