Home Owners Are Sharing Creepy Discoveries They’ve Made After Moving In (50 Pics)

Buying a new house is a big deal. Unless you had it built yourself, there have likely been plenty of previous owners. Who knows what they got up to.

I live in an old apartment in Chicago, and every once in a while, I wonder who lived here before I did. I don’t think about it too much, though, because I don’t want to end up being creeped out.

These people got more than they bargained for when they moved into their new homes.

1. “The New House My Parents Bought Has A Secret Room Hidden Under The Stairs”


2. “So My Parents Just Moved Into A New House And Found This On The Ceiling In One Of The Bedrooms. I Know Which Room I Won’t Be Staying In”

It says: “I’m under the bed”

3. “Found In The Basement At An Estate Sale”


5. “Just Moved Into My New House. This Is Not A Deep-Pit BBQ”


6. “Found Out The House We Are Living In Has A Bunker Below. I Managed To Squeeze My Phone In One Of The Cracks Of The Door To Take This Creepy Picture”


7. “NYC Woman Felt A Mysterious Airflow Coming From Her Bathroom Mirror, Only To Find A Hidden Apartment Behind It”

8. “Recently Moved Into A New Apartment. This Morning I Went Into My Storage Cabinet To Put Things Away And Found Her”


9. “Just Moved Into A New Apartment And Happened Upon What I Thought Was A Piece Of Painted Over Tape Stuck To A Bookshelf”

“Peeled it up to find it was concealing a mystery”

10. “New House. Previous Owners Left This Behind Basement Bathroom Curtain”


11. “I Just Helped A Friend Move Into Their Apartment. The Next Day They Found 37 Clowns Under Their Porch”


12. “I’m A Contractor. Bought An Abandoned/Foreclosed Home To Renovate. This Was In The Basement Bathroom. What. The. Hell”


13. “I Just Moved Into A New Apartment And Made A Big Discovery. There Is A Door In The Floor That Leads To A Secret Dungeon”

“There is a proper 19th century layout of corridors and hatches beneath”

14. “Friend Moved Into A New Home And This Is Their Toilet”


15. “Found This On My New Apartments Toilet”


16. “Moved Into A New House And These Were In The Freezer”

17. “My Buddy Bought A House Found Some X-Rays In An Old Box”


18. “Moved Into A New House. Any Idea Why This Would Be In The Backyard?”


19. “Just Rented A House. It Comes With Our Very Own Knife Room”


20. “Just Moved House And This Was Sitting In The Kitchen In An Envelope Titled ‘Dads 2 Sharp Teeth + Photo'”

21. “Friends And I Moved Into A New House. Found A Closet Full Of Doll Cutouts. Thought That Was Creepy Enough On Its Own But When You See It”



24. “So We Opened The Closet Above The Stairs In The House We’d Just Bought”


25. “My Friend Just Moved To Texas And Found This In Her House”


26. “There’s A Multi-Room Dungeon/Cave In The Backyard Of The House I Rented”

“I rented this cool house in the hills of a Los Angeles suburb and there is a lot of DIY stonework on the property – little walls, an archway, steps and this dungeon built into the hill right behind the house. The history I’ve gathered is that a stonemason lived here for decades until he passed away from old age in the 90s, when the current owner purchased the property and began renting it. No one I’ve talked to knows what the dungeon was used for”

27. “Found This Bottle In The Basement Of My New House. Wonder What’s In It”


28. “Just Bought A House. Found This In The Basement. Sealed Tight”


29. “Helped My Friend Move. Found This In His New-Old Creepy Shed. Said I Could Have It”


30. “Found This In The Attic Of My Vacation Home”


31. “#38 Renting A House For The Summer. Just Found This In The Backyard. Do I Dare?”


32. “Woman Finds Creepy ‘Hidden Room’ In Her New House”

rooney8900 , rooney8900

33. “Found A Creepy Room In A Hidden Crawl Space In My New Home”

“A crawl space behind the door contained a safe, briefcase (with money of various countries and origins, silver ingots, jewelry), a stack of mysterious videotapes (one of them was labeled ‘No no no no’), and a note that said ‘save yourself'”

34. “Previous Owner Of New House Blocked This Hidden Basement Room Off With A Shelf (Door Does Not Lead Outside)”


35. “Today We Found All Of This Stuff In An Old Power Box In My House – It Turns Out The Previous Owner Tapped The Phone Line To Listen To His Wife’s Calls”

“All of the cassettes are filled with phone conversations called from my houses landline – 20 years ago”

36. “Moved Into A New Flat Today And This Was In The Attic”


37. “Just Moved Into A New Rental, Previous Tenant Left This Very Big, Very Heavy, Double Padlocked Box, Over 5 Years Ago”

“What would be so important to padlock but useless enough to leave in a vacant house?”

38. “Found This Old Tape In The Deceased Estate House We Just Bought. The Handwritten Note Inside Saying ‘Testing Evil Spirits, 1973′”


39. “Found This Secret Door In My Room Today”


40. “Found Seven Of These Concrete ‘Sculptures’ In The Garden Of The House We Just Bought”


41. “Just Moved Into A New Apartment. Found This In The Basement”


42. “Just Moved Into My New House, Found This In The Backyard”


43. “Just Rented A New Place. Previous Tenant Left The Wall Mirror – And A Dirty Secret”


44. “This Was Hanging In My Basement When We Moved In”


45. “My Sis And BIL Moved Into A New House Today, Found This Safe In The Floor And Can’t Open It. Yet”


46. “Boyfriend And I Move Into A House And Discover This Engraved Above His Bedroom Door. ‘It Never Stops'”




48. “My Friend Just Bought A New House And Showed Me Where The Ex-Owner Was Found”


49. “Just Bought An Old House (1913) And Working On Putting In A Patio. Just About Done Digging And Found This Along With Some Scattered Bones”

“Local police notified and waiting to hear back if they’re human or animal”

50. “I Should Never Have Opened The Attic”


h/t: BoredPanda