Plumbers Share The Most Baffling Jobs They’ve Ever Been Called To (23 Pics)

My mom works as a dispatch for a small plumbing company, so I’ve heard some stories. Because they are small, this means they get a lot of, uh, interesting plumbing jobs. This also means they get to a job where an old woman has flushed 7 dead birds down the toilet and thinks it should only take 15 minutes and cost $25 to fix.

If you call a plumber it is going to be expensive. Don’t try to do it yourself, pay the money. The two things you never do yourself are plumbing and electric. They are professionals for a reason.

1. Short straw is on bucket duty.

2. Hope you can pinch em off clean like a kitty cat.

3. I think you missed a step.

4. Still cheaper than tile.

5. Terrible vintage.

6. They clogged someone’s drain and got away with murder twice.

7. Move the shower not the drain?

8. Missed connections 💔

9. Drai-no help.

10. Who carries a giant crazy straw in their tool kit?

11. Why it is expensive.

12. Nice try.


14. Death slime. Cool.

15. So you called a field medic first?

16. You forgot to circumcise your sink, bro.

17. “My water heater stopped working”

18. How not to ground.

19. You can keep the glove.

20. The earth is healing.

21. Clean up on aisle poo.

22. Now who will train the Ninja Turtles?

23. Wednesday morning after Taco Tuesday.

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