29 Weird Dog Behaviors Every Dog Owner Should Know, As Shared By This TikTok Account

Millie, a greyhound who was rescued from dog racing in 2018, has become the face of the dog psychology account @milliethenoodlehorse on TikTok. Millie’s owner Taylor Huerta has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a doctorate in occupational therapy. Through trying to help Millie with anxiety and stress-related issues, Taylor gained a better understanding of dog psychology and tries to help others learn about their pets.

Here are some interesting facts she’s posted.

1. “Dogs will actually sneeze when they are play fighting to show that they are just playing around and they don’t actually want to hurt you.”

2. “When your dog tilts their head while looking at you, this is because they’re trying to read your body language and they are analyzing your tone of voice.”

3. “If your dog is sleeping on their side with their legs extended, it means your dog feels safe, is relaxed and at a comfortable temperature.”

4. “Researchers find that if your dog chooses to sleep next to you, it means they trust you like no one else”

5. “A happy dog will roll on their back and expose their belly to you. This is a sign that they are happy and trusting of you.”

6. “When a dog is happy, their eyes will be a normal, soft shape. Their gaze will be relaxed and gentle and they will blink often.”

7. “If your dog sleeps on your clothes, it means they love you. Your clothes have your scent on them and they just want to get closer to you.”

8. If your dog kicks backwards, after going to the bathroom, it’s not to cover it up. It’s done to mark their territory, using the scent glands in their feet.”

9. “If you get a cut and your dog tries licking it, this is because your dog has antibacterial compounds in their saliva. So when they try to lick your cut, this is because they’re trying to help you heal faster.”

10. “Dogs roll in the grass for the same reason children do it. It’s soft, smells good and is a fun way to release energy.”

11. “A healthy, happy adult dogs usually sleep for up to 16 hours a day. If your dog is not sleeping that much, this could be a sign of stress.”

12. “Whenever your dog leans on you and puts their whole body weight on you. That’s actually their way of hugging you and telling you that they love you.”

13. “Researchers have proven that dogs know the difference between an hour and five hours. If conditioned to, they can predict future events, such as regular walk signs and feeding schedules.”

14. “When a dog is looking at their best friend and their owner, their brain releases a hormone called oxytocin, better known as a love hormone.”

15. “Once your dog has finished a meal, have a look to see what they do. Studies have shown that dogs that go straight to you after eating are displaying obvious signs that they love you. They aren’t motivated by food or treats and are simply showing affection because they enjoy being close to you.”

16. “If your dog sleeps in the cuddler position, it means that they trust you and see you as one of the other dogs.”

17. “Researchers have found all dogs dream, but puppies and senior dogs dream more frequently than adult dogs.”

18. “If your dog has a habit of carrying the food from one location to another, don’t worry. This is common behavior. Dogs do this as a way to protect their valued resources from being stolen.”

19. “Dogs think humans can do no wrong. So if you accidentally step on your dog’s paw in the middle of the night, chances are they’ll think it’s on purpose.”

20. “The donut or fuzzy bagel is the most common sleeping position for dogs. This position is done to preserve body heat and protect vital body parts. this is also a favorite position for dogs when they get cold.”

21. “The Superman position allows your dog to get up quickly indicating that they are just taking a nap. It also means they’re in a playful mood and would love for you to play with them.”

22. “When dogs sleep in the burrower position, they are searching for comfort and security. Burrowers are affectionate, but very needy. They often need lots of attention and affection in order to fall asleep.”

23. “Zoomies are short bursts of energy your dog just can’t seem to control. Researchers have found only happy healthy dogs get the zoomies. So if your dog is doing the zoomies, then you are doing everything right.”

24. “You may feel guilty when you catch your dog quietly, staring at you before you leave the house. But fear not, their calmness is a sign that they trust you and know that you’re coming back.”

25. “Whenever your dog looks deeply into your eyes, right before they poop, it means they feel vulnerable and they trust you to keep an eye out for them.”

26. “If your dog is smelling your crotch, this is your dog’s way of checking your health and mood. Dogs use a sense of smell to read details and their surroundings. So your dog is just checking to see if you’re okay.”

27. “Yawn is not quite the same as a human yawn. Dogs yawn in order to reduce stress and reduce anxiety, which helps them calm down and remain comfortable.”

28. “Researchers have found that dogs have a best friend. Dogs love humans and other animals too, but any dog owner can attest that they have one true best friend. They’re loyal to one and that’s the dog owner.”

29. “Does your dog do a little dance or get the case of the zoomies when you come home? Researchers find that a happy, noisy, tail wagging greeting is one of the surest signs that you and your dog are connected.”


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