We All Have Rough Days, I’m Just Glad That Today It’s Them, Not Me (20 Pics)

So chances are it’ll be your turn to take the brunt of it at some point. That’s why it’s important to enjoy the times when it’s happening to someone else.

Funny fails are only hilarious with a little perspective…

1. Happy new year? 10 minutes after midnight a loud metallic bounce came off the floor.


2. Apparently 2 hours wasn’t early enough.


3. Just got home from a rushed trip to Home Depot and found this in my bag.


4. Bought these binoculars specifically to go to the Grand Canyon today.


5. Hosted a 2 day NYE get together at $800 Airbnb, and no one came.


6. When your dad tells you to cover the oak before it rains, so you tell your younger brother to cover the oak before it rains. Pop comes home in 20 minutes…


7. I forgot I had soda in the back of my car in single digit temps :,)


8. Nipple smears from 16 mile run in cold rain!


9. When they put in the new fiber optic line they bored through my sewer line.


10. My landlord, while painting the apt I am moving out of, drank my limited release MF Doom beer that came out after the news of his death. I’ve had this beer for about a year.


11. My sister decided to organized my bookshelf then she did this. Oh my eyes!


12. I spilled the detergent. 2 hours later, she spilled the paint. It’s going to be a quiet night I think.


13. Opened a box of different kinds of googly eyes upside down.


14. A not so minor blowout.

15. Stole some of my kid’s Christmas candy that turned out to be soap 🙁

16. Thanks, Mr. Plow.

17. A metal shifter in Northern Canada.

18. Locked myself in an old bathroom. This was how, after 10 minutes, I escaped.

19. Part time acting extra ends up on a widely run ad. Oof.

20. Thanks, kitty. I guess the trashcan is yours now.