21 Times Celebrities Trolled Their Kids On Social Media

Good parents know there’s nothing quite like trolling your kids.

And now, with social media in our pockets, parents get to not only embarrass their kids IRL—but also for the world to see. When you’re a celebrity, it’s truly for the whole world to see.

Here are 21 times celebrity parents trolled their famous kids on social media:

1. When Jerry O’Connell wanted to teach his kids about REAL music.

2. When Alec Baldwin wasn’t a fan of his daughter’s “sexy photos.”

celebrity parents troll kids
@commentsbycelebs /Instagram

3. When David Beckham told Brooklyn to get off Facebook Live and go to school.

celebrity parents troll kids
@Fridaypop /Instagram

4. And, when Victoria Beckham blew up his spot about playing with dolls.

celebrity parents troll kids
@victoriabeckham /Instagram

5. When Kim Kardashian wanted to wish her daughter a happy birthday but trolled her instead.

6. When Judd Apatow made her daughter wildly uncomfortable with his dashing good looks.

celebrity parents troll kids
@juddapatow / Instagram

7. When Ryan Reynolds absolutely demolished his daughter’s art skills.

8. When Momma Jonas hated her son’s “face swap” photo.

celebrity parents troll kids
@commentsbycelebs / Instagram

9. When Cindy Crawford gave no f**ks how much her kids would hate the man draped over her.

celebrity parents troll kids
@commentsbycelebs / Instagram

10. When Mick Jagger annihilated his son on Instagram.

11. When Will Smith recreated his son’s music video—shot for shot.