Some Fails Are More Expensive Than Others (30+ Pics)

We all make mistakes, you just have to hope that mistake isn’t an expensive one.

Well, these folks weren’t so lucky.

Maybe they learned something from it?

Probably not.


1. Amusement Park Pizza. Cost me $11

2. Paid $31 in shipping costs to ship a discontinued crystal picture frame.

3. This is what happens when you let your little brothers use your 185 dollar gaming headset for their Xbox


5. $6 for this tiny smoothie

6. Patient at our eye clinic just got a new dog…

7. Was in a middle seat and paid extra $ to upgrade to a “window” seat.

8. My neighbor spent a ton of money on a granite mailbox post. They used an “O” instead of a zero to make the street number. It annoys me every time I walk by.

9. I paid $19 for 8 of these tiny ass wings from a local bbq joint.

10. Dog ate my money.


12. My diploma that I spent countless hours and thousands of dollars to get.

13. My cat decided to share her lunch with me via my headphones.

14. Just bought my first house. Was told there was hardwood under all the carpet. Tested a discreet corner in the closet, which did in fact have hardwood beneath. But not the living room. Looks like I’ll be spending too much money on new flooring now…






20. I lost my phone on a festival, a few hours later I found it burning next to the campfire.

21. Toddler learned how to use the microwave.

22. My house got hit by a tornado yesterday, it’s heavily damaged but still standing, and nobody is injured. I have no idea how to get the grill out of my pool’s deep end though.

23. When you live in Svalbard, Norway and forgot to close the window to the home office.

24. When you forget you parked on top of the self-hiding garage.


26. My wife’s wedding ring went missing…


28. Slipped in the shower, landed on the toilet.

29. Had a leak develop in our laboratory this morning. Nobody was on campus to catch it so there was 4 inches of standing water and countless ruined pieces of equipment.

30. A $5,000,000 oops

31. Recently tried an expensive rental clothing subscription. UPS threw the package of clothes/bags into my backyard. I have two puppies.




h/t: BuzzFeed