21 People Who Made More Than Somewhat Regrettable Decisions This Week

So chances are it’ll be your turn to take the brunt of it at some point. That’s why it’s important to enjoy the times when it’s happening to someone else.

Funny fails are only hilarious with a little perspective…

1. I’ve dropped a lot of plates in my 43 years on earth. But I’ve never seen one get obliterated so absolutely.

2. Just bought this underwater protective case in Thailand and went swimming with it.

3. Passed by this squirrel eating someone’s pizza.

4. Put a suction cup on my forehead having fun with my child. Now I’ve got a round bruise that won’t go away and a meeting with my manager in the morning.

5. I forgot to add something important to my morning coffee.

6. My mom forgot to roll up her passenger window in the car wash.

7. Well… Let’s just say, that I had a bad day.

8. Made a cake to surprise my wife for her birthday. I’m obviously not a baker.

9. my salt crusher broke over my food.

10. It wasn’t supposed to rain today! Guess I’ll be painting it again.

11. I guess I will eat dirty sink pasta.

12. This bastard was sitting on my hanging bath towel and stung me in the belly when I went to dry off after my shower.

13. This is how my sister returns my laptop after playing Roblox.

14. thought our coffee tasted a little off this morning… stink bug in the lid.

15. Ran the dishwasher at my new place. This was a blender.

16. My mom was making some chicken in the oven then the glass pan exploded.

17. was about to sleep when I found this guy on my pillow.

18. 1st attempt at smoking a brisket – Happy Mother’s Day!

19. Was standing in the grocery store when the ceiling tile above me fell, hit me in the head, followed by a few gallons of dirty water. I was completely soaked and employees didn’t do anything.

20. Had my catalytic converter stolen twice now. Wish me luck on #3 (actual photos)

21. My cat had a tick that had a tick.

h/t: BuzzFeed