16 People Share Their Most Unpopular Opinions In This Online Thread

The Reddit group r/UnpopularOpinion is where people share, well, just that. We all have them, most of us just keep them to ourselves. Not these folks.

Here are 16 of people’s most unpopular opinions. What do you think? What is yours?

1. People don’t actually enjoy running.

I don’t believe all the runners out there who claim they “enjoy” running. The act of running itself is miserable. Sure, you might enjoy the consequences that come from running, like the feeling of a good workout, but the actual act of running is not an enjoyable experience. It’s literally an instinct and isn’t fun.

Even a runners high is questionable. And I know this is a big generalization but I have yet to meet a runner that says they like the physical act of running and not the consequences.

And to those who will comment that I just need to get into running or anything like that, believe me I’ve tried. I’ve been an athlete all through high school and college and have even trained for triathlons. Running is always the worst part.


2. Target is seriously overrated

I have never understood the obsession with Target. Every time I have gone into a Target, I either walk out empty handed or with the one thing I went in for. Their groceries are mediocre, the appliances and toys overpriced, and I have consistently been able to find better seasonal items at Walmart. I want Target to be better, but I have never found a good thing to buy there that I can’t get somewhere else for better quality or price


3. At the end of Beauty and the Beast, the prince shouldn’t be handsome

If Belle falls in love with a beast and he turns into a man, it reinforces the moral that beauty is only skin deep, and we should look beyond physical appearances.

However, if she falls in love with a beast and he turns into an extremely handsome man, then physical beauty was the end goal all along. The happy ending required it.


4. Being good at math is hot

I really can’t explain it, but when someone is so into math and numbers, I think it’s an INSTANT turn on. Don’t judge me, maybe I’m just really attracted to intelligence. Let’s say you think someone is attractive, and then you find out that they’re also really good at math. That’s it. That’s the explanation.


5. commute time should be paid for

if I’m driving or getting to work, that time should be paid for by the company. It’s not my free time and not time where I can be doing anything else but traveling to the worksite.


6. Wired earphones are superior to wireless headphones

You can’t lose one earbud without ripping it off, if they fall you can always grab the wire, they don’t run out of battery, you can put the cord inside your clothes if it gets in your way. I’m so sad phones no longer support wired earphones.

I hope one day society will open their eyes and see the truth.

Edit: in the title i said wireless headphones but i meant wireless earbuds, English isn’t my first language, sorry for the confusion.


7. Spiderman should produce natural webs like Tobey Maguire did.

Regardless of what the comics say, Spider-Man should produce natural webs. Like a spider does. And not have to rely on refilling gadgets. That’s Batman’s job. Spider-Man inherited the qualities of a spider, it only makes sense that webs would be a part of that.


8. The Joker is an incredibly worn out villain and tv/movies need to take a break from him for a while

The joker has always been a popular batman villain, but they didn’t used to use him like they do now. He used to just be a villain that would show up in batman movies.

But then the dark knight happened, and it was amazing, but after that everyone realized how popular the joker could be so they started putting him in everything. And I get that there have been a lot of batman adaptations too, but every one of them is trying to do something different with the character.

Nobody is interested in reinventing the joker, they just want to one-up Heath Ledger. It’s a pointless endeavor, might I add, because since Ledger did such a good job and then died nobody wants to talk about his acting critically. So now the joker is being shoved into all this bullshit and every one of them is written solely to outdo a dead man’s perform from 15 years ago.

I understand that I could just stop watching this stuff, but I just want to watch a fucking batman movie in peace.


9. Apps with a short-video system are making you dumber.

I am talking about domains like You tube Shorts, Tik toks, Instagram reels etc. The length of most of these videos are about 10-30 seconds or maximum a minute. That means they are limiting our attention span to half a minute or so. That means your brain wants something ‘new’ every 30 seconds. This seriously affects our efficiency in a lot of our daily activities. I have literally seen people taking out their phones in the movie theatre and scrolling Instagram when they a find an ongoing scene in the movie ‘boring’.

I guess people are just letting them become a prey of this and not doing anything. This actually scares me. I have seen 8 yr olds not being able to focus on their homework and eventually give up and start scrolling Instagram. I can just hope I am overthinking and that the future of our generation is safe.

EDIT: I just wanted to thank everyone supporting me on this topic. It’s really wholesome to see so many people talking about this and it really feels good on the inside especially because this was my very first post on reddit. You guys really made my day!

Also I guess some users are kinda misunderstanding what I intend to convey…sure, people can read my post within a minute, but I think this helped people understand my point in a concise manner without wasting their time. If you take about 20-25 reels or tiktoks, you might find about 2-3 videos in that collection which actually help you in your daily lives…the rest, I think, are just…insipid…and watching those videos is just making you habitual to new dopamine hits every 30 seconds and really takes a toll on you if you rely on them for entertainment. I don’t think the same thing happens when you watch a short video/post which actually helps you find what you are looking for and present it to you in a short period of time and not just blatantly waste your time by stretching it into a mini documentary…


10. Someone who refuses to learn new slangs, terms and dialects because they consider them incorrect and not proper language is an elitist idiot who doesn’t understand the most important thing about human communication: That it evolves.

We don’t speak like we used to do 100 years ago, and they didn’t speak like their ancestors. Believing we somehow reached to apex of evolution in regards to our language is absurd.


11. Bacon does not belong on a burger

Adding bacon as an extra to any burger seems to have become standard everywhere.

The taste of the bacon completely drowns out any other flavour in the burger to the point where it just tastes like a bacon sandwich.

Don’t get me wrong I love bacon in general but it should never go anywhere near a burger.


12. I love layovers

Direct flights are so boring, only one take off and one landing. Layovers give you double the takeoffs and double the landings! Also it gives you time to explore a new airport that you might not been to before, get something to eat/drink that’s not a bag of peanuts and a cup of water and stretch me legs. You only have to go through security once, so the worst part is already done. Layovers are the best, I feel very alone with this opinion.


13. Sauces are overrated.

I’ve always hated any type of sauce/dressing on my foods and most people are shocked when I say this. I enjoy McDonald’s chicken nuggets without any dipping sauce and I definitely prefer a burger without mayo or any sort of special sauce. I even eat salads without dressing. I feel like sauces just ruin the actual flavor of the food and make a mess out of it.

Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Edit: my exceptions are pasta sauce and sweet sauces on sweet foods (chocolate syrup, maple syrup, honey, jam)

Edit: also I am not a rabbit


14. Just like how a “good” steak doesn’t need any sauce, a “good” hotdog doesn’t need any toppings.

I said what I said. Chicago dogs, great. Dodger dog. Great. Basic with ketchup, mustard, relish, also good.

But if you have some high quality links and it’s cooked to perfection. There’s nothing wrong taking that in naked.

Edit: lot’s of people think I’m bashing food tastes or something. I’m not saying that toppings ruin a link, rather a good quality dog cooked well doesn’t NEED any of that stuff to be good. If you like all the stuff, by all means add it. Toppings can make a hotdog better (just like sauce can make an already great steak better). But a bare dog can also be a good dog.


15. People need to learn to tolerate kids misbehaving in public

I will preface this by saying I am child free, and plan to always be, so this is not coming from the perspective of an entitled parent.

Kids misbehaving is a part of life. I know for sure I did things I shouldn’t have done in public when I was young. It doesn’t mean we like it, or that parents shouldn’t attempt to teach their kids how to behave, but it’s really not that serious.

So many people say, “if the parents can’t handle their kids they shouldn’t have had them” or “leave the kids at home if they can’t behave”. That’s not realistic at all. You don’t know how hard the parents might be working with their kids behind closed doors, some kids have behavioral health issues or disabilities or maybe are just very stubborn. Also a lot of times when parents are “ignoring” their kids misbehaving they are doing it strategically to avoid giving attention to bad behavior, which often only reinforces it.

There are a few notable exceptions I would say. The movies, a nice restaurant, etc., places that require a quiet atmosphere to enjoy. Also if the kids are doing things that are dangerous or disrupting other peoples personal space. But a kid tantruming in the grocery store is really not that serious and people need to just deal with it.


16. YouTube is the best platform for music and it’s not even close

YouTube has just about any piece of music you could ever think of. Anything you can find on Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, etc. you can pretty much find on YouTube with a quick search. It is free and never forces you to listen to music that you don’t want to listen to. It’s basically the perfect platform for music and it’s incredibly underappreciated.

Edit: YouTube in general is the best, meaning I prefer both the paid and free versions over most other streaming forms. Free version still allows you to pick and choose any song from the largest library of music to play at your will. You are not limited by skips nor are you limited to a paywall. YouTube Premium is the best for people like me who like to both listen to music and view other non-music videos on the platform because you get an ad-free music experience as well as ad-free videos. The only significant negatives of YouTube as a streaming platform for music are not being able to lock your screen with the free version (which I’m almost certain can be fixed by using the YouTube Music app) and the lack of lossless audio. I still think these are just two negatives though when considering all of it together, and it’s still the best all-around despite these.


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