New Mom Has A Big Problem With Her MIL Getting A Tattoo Of Grandkid’s Footprint

Dealing with a difficult mother-in-law can be a challenging experience for anyone. It’s especially frustrating when you don’t have a good relationship with her because she’s rude and unpleasant to you.

Whether it’s snide remarks, passive-aggressive behavior, or outright hostility, having to interact with someone who doesn’t treat you with respect can be emotionally exhausting.

Recently, a reddit user posted a question on this subject. Her mother-in-law, who she already has a rocky relationship with, wants to get a tattoo of her newborn’s footprint. She asked if she’s overreacting for not wanting this to happen. Read on for more.

The comments were pretty mixed.

What do you think about this situation? Is she being too sensitive, or does she make a valid point? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.