18 Cringe Dating DMs That Are Even Bad By DM Standards

The dating scene is…unique and unpredictable, to put it mildly. It’s fine to have expectations, but if you’re pressuring your Tinder match to treat you to free Korean BBQ or to offer free accommodations, don’t be surprised if people aren’t exactly thrilled about it.

Here are some examples of people who have been a bit too demanding in the dating world.

1. Well That Escalated Quickly

Credit: u/downClownTown / Reddit

2. Someone REALLY Doesn’t Want To Split The Check

Credit: u/TheIndomitablePenis / Reddit

3. Another Free Meal Wanter

Credit: u/plaid-knight / Reddit


4. How Would You Feel About Taking Free Photos?

Credit: u/bamalakazam / Reddit

5. When They Really Just Want an Uber

Credit: u/FlatCoffeeDude / Reddit

6. Please Be Rich (I Am Not)

Credit: u/DukeMaximum / Reddit

7. We’ve Never Met, But I Need $$ For A New Phone

Credit: u/adamant_fang / Reddit

8. Who Doesn’t Like To Be Critiqued After A Date?

Credit: u/whatevertogether / Reddit

9. Please Be My Maid (And Still Work)

Credit: u/LyanGamer / Reddit

10. Buy My Kids Dinner, Or Else

Credit:  u/The_Real_Blue_Giant / Reddit

11. Only (Actual) Kings Apply

Credit: u/Gromitzy / Reddit

12. When They Just Want DoorDash

Credit: u/camskylex / Reddit

13. My Dude Has A Mile-Long List

Credit: u/asherLdisaster / Reddit

14. Just In It For The Free Food And Booze

Credit: u/ST00PKlD / Reddit

15. When Literally Everything’s A Deal Killer

Credit:  u/Anne************** / Reddit

16. When Their Ego Is Larger Than A Van

Credit: u/PracticalSnail / Reddit

17. Sorry, I’m Not Paying For Your Babysitter

Credit: u/diebeautiful_die / Reddit

18. Sorry We Didn’t Hook Up, Can I Crash?

Credit: u/vjarnold / Reddit