These 33 Technology Throwbacks Will Take You Down Memory Lane

Remember Radio Shack, fax machines, and the Zune? No? Well, congrats on not being old.

All that retro tech seems like ages ago, yet in some ways, not much has changed. Sure, today’s technology is miles ahead of what we had in the ’80s, ’90s, and early 2000s, but is it really that different? The internet was slow, but it existed. Computer screens could show up to 256 colors (if you were lucky), but they still opened doors to cool virtual worlds. If you looked in the right places (and had the budget), you could even find touchscreens, laptops, and yes, robots!

Check out these not-too-distant reminders of old-school technology and be sure to make sure your mom is off the phone before getting online!

1. 3D Maze

Hampster Dance

2. Universal Studios’ website (1995)

3. Encarta Encyclopedia 99

4. StarCraft (1998)

5. Sony CLIÉ NR Series

6. PowerBook G3 (1998)

7. AOL CDs

8. Blade Runner (1997)

9. Caesar 3 (1999)

10. Bryce (1994)

11. DOOM (1993)

12. Download dot com’s top game downloads (1996)

13. Napster

14. Fallout 2 (1998)

15. iTunes (2001)

16. Southwest Airline’s website, 1999

17. Windows XP Plus! Aquarium

18. Accuratus Mouse Phone, an optical mouse that doubled as a Skype phone.

19. Half-Life (1998)

20. WebFerrett

21. SimCity 2000 theme pack

22. JPL’s website from 1995

23. Windows 98 Plus: Underwater

24. IBM ThinkPad 240X with a 10.4″ screen

25. Sony Aibo (1999)

26. Rogue Squadron 3D (1998)

27. CyberSpot Internet Cafe

28. DoomEd, the DOOM mapping software from id Software

29. The Hewlett Packard 200LX (1994)

30. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (1992)

31. Tracing images in the 1980s

32. Setting up Windows 98

33. Hampster Dance