30 Funny Pictures Of People Paying The ‘Stupid Tax’

There are a few unavoidable realities of adult life: the alarm clock, endless bill payments, and of course, filing you’re taxes. And if you’re not careful or a little weak in math, you might find yourself coughing up what’s known as the “stupid tax.”

This “tax” isn’t official, instead, it’s those crafty charges companies tuck away in seemingly great deals and savings offers. Over on the Stupid Tax subreddit, you can find lots of examples of outrageously priced items. See if you can spot the scams in these photos that will make you think twice before jumping on those too-good-to-be-true deals.

1. A Glitch Or Incentive To Buy The Meal, You Decide

2. Pay More For Four

3. 2 For $23 Or 1 For $10

4. Buy Two For More!

5. Getting A Meal + Drink Is Cheaper Than Without The Drink

6. 12x Monthly Payments Are Cheaper Than All Annual Memberships

7. I’ll Just Wait, Thanks!

8. Nice Deal

9. The Sausage Biscuit ($1.49) Is Still Cheaper Than The Biscuit ($1.89)

10. 4/$5.00 Or A 4 Pack For $5.38

11. Maybe I’ll Just Have One

12. Buy 4 For ~$14 Or Pay $5 More If You Want The Same Number In Only One Bag

13. Looking To Buy These Wooden CD Cases In Bulk?

14. Pizza Hut: 5 For $55 Or 1 For $9.99

15. For Only $58/Mo, I Can Cut My Internet Speed By 3/4

16. Sure, I’ll Take Two Of The Same Game

17. What A ‘Sale!’

18. #12 For $5.69, You Get Your Choice Of 12oz Or 18oz

19. Another ‘Deal!’

20. On Second Thought, I’ll Pass

21. Slaps Forehead Forever

22. Twice The Amount, Same Price!

23. Inflation Has Gotten Nuts

24. Oh, Come On

25. Another ‘Buy More, Save Less’

26. Gee, What A Steal

27. Um, No Thanks?

28. Buy More, Save Less

29. ‘Great’ Deal On Mini Quiche!

30. More Cookies Doesn’t Seem Like A Great Deal