Sometimes The Reply Is Funnier Than The Joke Itself (30+ Pics)

Replies are often funnier than someone trying to be funny. Just ask anyone who’s ever heard me tell a joke. The hecklers are always right. Mostly, though, people aren’t there to say you’re unfunny, they just thought of something clever to add. Reply guys are annoying, but what about reply funny guys? Most of the time when someone comments on a joke they’re being mean or they simply repeat the joke with different words. These heroes, however, prove that you can be funny in the replies.

Here are moments when the comments were funnier than the joke itself:

1. If you know, you know.

Funny comments that are funnier than the original joke kid photoshopped himself with Mia Khalifa in a prom photo and the comment says


3. A history joke!

4. Dust off that old chestnut.

5. Shoot your shot(s).

6. You need an MFA to really “get” this one.

7. The jokes keep chugging along.

8. Bless me father, for I have laughed.

9. Better Ingredients, Better Jokes.

10. Some overlap here.

11. When two become one.

12. Commenters are better at writing in several ways.

13. The “before photo” is blank.

14. Gen “Y Aren’t You Wearing A Mask?”

15. This joke has turned me to Ash.