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Old Video Games Provide Endless, Hilarious “Advice” (27 Tweets)

Old video games are full of advice. Some good. Some bad. Some so bad it’s funny. Mostly, the dialogue was written by people who code for a living. They don’t have MFAs in literature. And we’re all better for it. One intrepid reporter (gamer) on Twitter has collected funny, prescient, and pointless advice from various video game advisors. I spoke with the creator of @VGAdvisor about where this project all started.

It started long, long ago: “I’ve been playing games since the NES days.” he said. When I asked how he sources the funny advice, he revealed it’s more painstaking than I expected: “for the most part, the quotes I post are ones I’ve dug up myself. Almost every screenshot I’ve used is one I’ve taken myself. Which, yeah, means a lot of digging through old games.” When I asked if he had a favorite piece of advice from a video game, he said: “There are far too many for me to pick a favorite.”

Thanks to the hard work of @VGAdvisor, we can now read endless, hilarious advice from old games:

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