People Are Sharing The Cheapest Thing Anyone’s Ever Done To Them

There’s nothing worse than someone who is so cheap that it actually hurts your relationship with that person. It’s frustrating and a pretty awful way to treat someone.

I once shared a car to a gig with someone who agreed to split the gas but when it came down to it, he would ask me for the exact amount down to the gallon that we used. Who does that?

I wouldn’t be surprised if that cheapskate knew these people who have taken to Twitter to share the cheapest thing that someone’s ever done to them.

1. More like “Oh My God!” parents.

2. Solid friend right there.

3. How do you literally ask someone for 4 cents back??

4. Not a chance, lady!

5. The worst roommate ever.

6. No more free drinks for him.

7. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

8. Finders keepers I guess? What a cheapskate.

9. Seems like a lot of work to hide fruit like that.

10.  You can’t even regift it.

11. WOW

12. Amazing they have the time and energy to be this way.

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