At Least 2020 Gave Us Hilarious Memes — Here Are 50 Of The Best…

Ahh, 2020.

It started out like any other year, with boundless optimism over what we’d all accomplish, and a general sense that we were not necessarily living in some kind of simulation where reality was in no way stranger than fiction.

Then March came along…

A pandemic. A gun-toting, mullet-having tiger owner. Contactless delivery. Zoom. The election that would never end. And a 20-ft skeleton from Home Depot.

If you’d told me any of those things would be relevant in 2020, I’d be (1) incredibly confused and (2) consider you a lunatic.

But here we are, and here are the funniest memes from 2020, about everything from Tiger King to wearing masks, to day-drinking, to everything else that made 2020 an absurd year for memes.