How To Find Your Favorite Early Internet Cartoons Now That Abobe Flash Is Dead

Adobe Flash is officially dead. The company said it would officially block all Flash content on Adobe as of January 12th, 2021 after a previous announcement that it would no longer support Flash content as of the end of 2020. For those who don’t know, Adobe Flash Player was more than just a plug-in that constantly needed to be updated. It was a genre of media unto itself.

Adobe Flash was originally released in 1996 as freeware, and it changed the Internet as we knew it.

I’m old enough to remember when my family computer ran on DOS. If I wanted to find a game or watch a little video, I better be ready to type “dir/p” and find it myself. The internet had pages but they were full of text. Flash cartoons and games changed all of that.

Before YouTube, before streaming, there were weird cartoons and video games that required an internet connection to see. Comedy, horror, insane music parodies, a bowling game where you knocked over Christmas elves. You name it, Flash provided it.

If you already miss the constant notifications to update Flash Player, don’t fret. Adobe promises it will alert everyone about uninstalling it from your system every day until you finally remove it.

Here’s how to uninstall Adobe Flash Player if you haven’t already:

Why should you uninstall it?

According to Adobe’s website: “Uninstalling Flash Player will help secure your system since Adobe does not intend to issue Flash Player updates or security patches after the End Of Life Date. Adobe will block Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning January 12, 2021 and the major browser vendors will continue to disable Flash Player from running after the EOL Date.”

How do you uninstall it?

You can either follow the instructions when Adobe notifies you, or you can manually run an uninstalling program on your computer. There are a few steps, including:

-Downloading the correct uninstaller program for the OS you’re using

-Deleting libraries and files associated with Flash Player

-Restarting your computer

More detailed instructions can be found here:

For Mac Users

For Windows Users

Your favorite Adobe Flash Player toons live on and here’s where to find them:

1. Strongbad draws a dragon on Homestar Runner:

2. The End of The World explained the inevitable nuclear holocaust.

3. Salad Fingers creeped us out like no other horror cartoon.

4. Someone made G.I. Joe much more palatable by dubbing new audio over the cartoon.

5. A rock anthem that defined a generation: Schfifty Five

6. “Badgers” might be more haunting than Salad Fingers

7. Weeeeee!!!

The first comment under this video says “I remember waiting ten minutes for this video to buffer. Different times.

8. The original Baby Shark was Peanut Butter Jelly Time, and may God have mercy on my soul for including here:

9. The Hamsterdance annoyed everyone.

10. The Llama Song was somehow less annoying.

11. Mario Twins, while stupid, was another Group X classic.

Well… all these videos were even more annoying than I remembered. Hope you enjoyed them!

So, to answer your question, you can find your favorites on sites that are still active like Newgrounds, Albino Blacksheep, and, of course, YouTube.

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