Viral Twitter Thread Asks People To Share The Moment TV Changed Forever (23 Tweets)

I love TV. I love it more than most people. I wish I were lying. Mostly, I think we were lied to as kids. TV helped us learn and experience new things virtually. Did it make us all fatter? Probably. Did it give us depression? Absolutely. But there are pills for both these issues.

The Golden Age of Television did not end when The Sopranos went off the air. It won’t be over any time soon.

The showrunner for the new Gremlins series on HBO Max, Tze Chun, had a simple question. What moment of TV changed your perception of what TV could do?

He says this moment from The Watchmen.

Twitter TV fans had a lot to say. Some of the answers were a bit cryptic, so I took the time to label them for you. Do not be mad if I spoil something for you. You should have already watched Game of Thrones for crying out loud.

Here are the best moments of TV people on Twitter claim changed their idea about what television could be:

1. Game of Thrones

2. Buffy

3. Threads

4. The Good Place

5. Weeds

6. Six Feet Under

7. Fleabag

8. Black Mirror

9. Futurama

10. Euphoria

11. Sopranos

12. My So-Called Life

13. I May Destroy You