Well It Looks Like *Almost* Everyone Got The Joke (25 Pics)

Jokes are all over the Internet. Funny ones. Stupid ones. And ones that go over a person’s head no matter how obvious the joke is to others. Woooosh! That’s the sound of a person missing the funny part.

Several people completely missed the point of a bad joke this month, and decided to tell the world that they don’t “get” jokes. People who didn’t get the joke are almost as funny as the jokes themselves.

Here are a bunch of people who missed the joke:

1. Check that last F

2. Can’t argue with this.

3. I wonder how long it took to solve the riddle of this joke.

4. Very sad.

5. Not for everyone.

6. Extreme dating.

7. Fewer means less.

8. I love history.

9. Blinded by the light.

10. You don’t know who it is, fool!

11. Some people still haven’t seen the show.

12. Wait for it…

13. Oh boy.

14. These aren’t the jokes you’re looking for…

15. Ceiling Corgi.