Are These People Bad Roommates Or Are They Complete Monsters? (50 Pics)

25. “How My Girlfriend Takes The First Piece Of Freshly Baked Brownies”

26. “I Went To The Fridge To Get Milk For My Cereal But Someone Put The Milk Back With This Much”

27. “The Way My Roommate Gives Me Rent”

28. “This Is How My Boyfriend Leaves The Sink After He Shaves”

29. “We Are A Family Of Four”

30. “This Is How I Cut My Pizza To Avoid Cutting Pepperoni. My Girlfriend Said To Post It To The Internet”

31. “My Sister Opens Them Up To Check The Flavor And Puts It Back If She Doesn’t Want It. The Flavor Is Also Printed At The Bottom Of The Wrapper”

32. “My Stuff Is Circled. The Other Stuff Is My Sister’s”

33. “Live With A Girl They Said, Things Will Be Clean They Said”

34. “My Damn Family”

35. “My Roommate Left A Surprise In The Kitchen, While I Was Outside”

36. “How My Family Uses A Tapeline”

37. “How My Girlfriend’s Mum Stores The Washing Liquid”

38. “My Roommate Has Hit New Peaks Of Laziness”

39. “My Girlfriend Doesn’t Zip The Resealable Bag Closed And Puts The Bag In Upside Down”

40. “Day 6 Of Living With A Roommate For The First Time. I’m Looking For A New Place”

41. “How My Son Left My Socket Set”

42. “My Kids Are Trying To Give Me A Stroke”

43. “The Husband Used My Favorite Knife As A Garden Tool”

44. “The Cord For My Wife’s Vacuum, Yes We Have Two”

45. “How My Step Dad Decided To Close A Box Of Cereal After Eating Edibles Last Night”

46. “My Girlfriend Opens Cereal Like A Neanderthal”

47. “How My Wife Throws Away Boxes”

48. ” I Love My Wife Dearly, But This Is How She Leaves The Ice Cream After Getting Some For Herself”

49. “Things You Find The Morning After Your Australian Housemate Got Hammered”

50. “Savages”