Well, Well If It Isn’t Entitlementy McEntitled (24 Pics)

Entitled people are at their most entitlementy when they’re online. Sharing stories is important. Reading and understanding where other people are coming from helps us all be more empathetic. Some people, however, put the “pathetic” in empathetic. Whether it’s people pointing out when a person is acting super entitled, or the choosing beggars are telling on themselves by screaming that everything should be free, these stories are cringeworthy.

Here are stories about super entitled people acting the most entitled:

1. This woman thought she could sell her property but still use it.

“A little over a decade ago now my wife and I bought our farm in the bush. Not too large mind you but very pretty, nestled up in the mountains by the rain forest in tropical North Queensland. We had worked long and hard for this piece of paradise.

On the last day of the sale, the day before the handover, we were doing the final inspection. All was good and we were chatting with the soon to be previous owners Karen and her ex-husband (I am guessing the divorce was the reason they were selling).

Previous owner Karen: “Oh by the way, our friends will be coming up in four weeks to go camping”.

Me: “…uh, Ok. I hope they have a good time.” (Thinking she was referring to one of the many camping sites in our area)

Karen: “Yeah so if you could make sure the gate is open and the paddock grass kept short that would be great”.

Me: “Wait…what?”

Karen: “Yeah, they come up every year and really enjoy it here”.

Me: “Ok Karen, They may have come here while you owned this place but that will have to stop now. I will have cattle in that paddock by then. You will need to call them and tell them to find somewhere else”.

Karen: “But I told them they could stay”.

Me: “Yeah, but I didn’t. So it is not happening”.

Karen got huffy and tried to get her ex-husband to reason with me. He told her to pull her head in. Talking to him later this was all news to him also and he couldn’t stand the people coming. Told me to send them packing if they did show up. Fortunately this was the last of it and I did not have to deal with her visitors.” –Kookabanus

2. No one cares how new it is.

3. Great work, boss.

4. Correcting the record.

5. This person put it in perspective.

6. A list of reasons this is not worth it.

7. Hey, NASA… do better!

8. “Entitled Dude thinks he should use my laptop cause I was at the library…”

“As i have an exam in a week, i went to the library to find the textbooks and other resources to study for it. It was a close book exam but we were allowed a 2 paged singular cheat sheet. So i was planning to type everything on a google do that my friends and i all did so we can all print it out before the exam.

So i was trying to finish the lessons that i was assignment to do the cheat sheet for. Luckily i found a table at a secluded area of the library. I sit there for a good 45mins to an hour when i hear some one cleared their throat rather loudly. enter entitled dude (ED).

ED: ExCuSe Me! you have been using that computer for more than an hour now, you need to let other people like me use it.

Me: Um the library computers are on the other side of the level over there points in the general direction

ED: No. I dont want to walk all the way over there. just give me this one.

Me: This is my own laptop, get your own.

This pissed him off apparently.

He try to take my laptop which i moved out of the way which cause me to push my stationary to fall on the floor causing a loud thud. This causes the librarian to walk over.

L: what is going on here?

ED: This girl is hogging the computer and not me use it to check my emails!

Me: This is my own laptop and not the library’s.

L: Looks at the sticker covered laptop Yes sir that is her laptop and not the library’s. I am gonna have to ask you to leave as you are disturbing other readers.

ED huffs and walks out the library.

I left the library about 5pm as the library had to close early for their reasons. I saw this dude waiting outside the damn library. HE STOOD OUTSIDE THE LIBRARY FOR AN HOUR. I saw him ad decided to walk out the other way around the library building and walked home. Half way home i had to make a turn at like a road corner with a mirror for like cars to see if anyone is turning. I look at it and found the guy following me. I sprinted across the bridge and all the way home.

To this day i don’t know wtf was this dudes problem? like he followed me out of the library because i wouldn’t let him use my laptop?! like WTF?” –Unidentified_OP

9. I got something for you, sure.

10. Congrats.

11. You pay me for your services.

12. I also deserve what teachers deserve.

13. Some people are more important than others.

14. Entitled Lady on the train won’t let me hold on to the pole and hisses at people who try to gets arrested by police for violating the law.

“So I literally just got off the train and walking home. This happened when I was coming back from training and it was rush hour. And I am on mobile.

Here is the story:

I, like the other 50+ people, am waiting to board the train so we can get home. The train doors open and I get on with the crowd. As I only had 1 stop, I already decided to stand.

I get on, I try to stand near the door but out of the way so people could get on and off. There is this pole which is there when you enter the train.

It the fucking rush hour and this lady is leaning against the whole fucking pole. She literally looks like some rich person, long necklace and fucking gloves.

So I get on and she starts to fucking hiss as all the people passing by her. I get on with the stragglers at the back and am standing near the door.

She FUCKING TAKES OFF HER MASK AND HISSES AT ME. I instantly backed up when she pulled off her mask. Once she put it back on I stepped back next to the pole cause there were already people around me.

She hisses at me again when I try to grab the pole cause I don’t want to fall over. Finally she says something.

EL: Hey! Hands off the pole!

Me: ……

EL: I’m talking to you?! Are you retarded?! Omg you are retarded.

Me: uh this is a public pole??? And I will hold on to it cause I don’t want to fall.

She took off her mask again and BITES MY FUCKING my hand. I pulled my hand from under her teeth cause she was putting pressure on it and it started to hurt.

Me: What the hell lady?!

EL: you deserved it! For touching my Pole!

Me: WTF???

By this time I arrived at my stop and I got off and this lady got a fucking smug as smile on. A group of police Officer gets on at that station and EL loses the smile behind her mask. She gets dragged/ushered off the train. And it left.

P: Ma’am I just saw you take of your mask Twice, once to shout at another person and once to bite that same person.

EL: I did not!!! Unidentified_OP touched my pole and was too close to me!

P: Ma’am OP literally just wanted to take the train. They were not bothering you at all.

P: (to me) May I see your hand?

Me: (shows him the red marks on my hand)

P: (to me) Okay that’s enough to arrest her for putting the public at risk.

P: (to EL) okay ma’am I am going to need your IC and would you please follow us please.

EL: what am I being arrested for?!

P: you took off your mask in a crowded train, shouted in said train and bit someone. You tried to spread COVID-19. Knowingly or unknowingly you just put the people on that train at risk for it. (More stern) So please follow us now.

The EL got ushered off the platform and I went home lol.” –Unidentified_OP

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