Choose A Job You Love, And Beggars Will Ask You To Work For Free (27 Choosing Beggars)

Who says beggars can’t be choosers? Choosing beggars beg all the time for free stuff…and then ask why it isn’t “freer.” The wise artists, musicians, writers, and even sex workers have compiled the best and worst examples of people asking them to work for free and posted them to Reddit for us to enjoy (and scream at). You really can have it all (as long as you’re not looking to get paid in money)!

Whoever said “beggars can’t be choosers” never met these choosing beggars:

1. How about a special rate for someone you have no connection to?

2. Not creepy at all. He said he might help with gas!

3. “Massage me for free, pls.”

4. Who has the upper hand here?

5. How about… less than that?

6. Things were going so well. 🙁

7. Give the man his upgrade!

8. Friends don’t let friends be cheap.

9. I can’t tell who’s having a worse day.

10. Sir… please. I’d like some more free stuff.

11. “Let me get this out of the way first…”

12. A concept so simple, even Homer has it down.

13. Bad vibes.

14. Definitely a real request. Check the will.

15. “My offer to you is this: nothing.” -Gary Gulman