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22 People Who Had Good Answers To The Question “How Do You Make Friends As An Adult?”

16. You don’t have to be drunk to do any of these.

“BDSM orgies, biking club, Beltane festivals, regional burns, MTG clubs, etc.” –anomalyindustries

17. Now we’re just being silly.

“You can make them out of potatoes. Use a big one for the body, a small one for the head, and long oval ones for the arms and legs.” –Fhjull-Forked-Tongue

18. Sounds fun.

“Motorcycles helped me meet people and as a bonus if your into guys you can pick up dudes easily with a motorcycle.” –iwatchppldie

19. Get it in, as they say at my gym for some reason.

“Go to the gym, ask for a spot from someone almost similarly built like you, become gym buddies, become buddies, become friends.” –Hamzasky

20. The easiest club to join.

“Honestly? Being a part of a fandom. Found most of my close friends through either work or fandoms. For me it’s kpop, musicals, DnD, etc You just need to find your people.” –LemonJuuuuice

21. Usually people do this because they don’t have friends, but then they find friends there, and now they have more friends than I do.

“Online gaming, social games like vrchat, rec room, and pretty much any game that forces you to work together in a common goal.” –IRL_birdman

22. Friends for life and maybe the afterlife.

“Have you considered joining a cult?” –Kichard

h/t Reddit: r/askreddit