People Are Sharing The Most Inappropriate Things They’ve Seen Go Down At Work

16. The irony.

“I worked as a janitor at a hospital. There was a private restroom on the second floor. On multiple days, someone positioned themselves above the toilet and took a dump all over it. It turned out to be a janitor on 2nd shift.” –jcmck0320

17. Seems like a good idea.

“I work for a medical device company. We have an on-site cadaver lab for testing.

One day the lab freezer, where we keep human tissue samples, broke. The new one wasn’t going to arrive for a few days. The lab tech wanted to move the samples to the freezer in the breakroom in the meantime.

You know, where we keep food.” –Notmiefault

18. They probably don’t even label it “tax stuff.”

“Work IT for a law firm, you’d be astounded how many times I remote into an attorney’s laptop and he just has a straight up porn folder on the desktop.” –Juicenewton248

19. NO.

“When I used to work at In-N-Out burger, the fry girl accidentally chopped off part of her finger using the potato slicer. The entire sink was filled with fries and blood, in which the tip of her finger was floating around. It was quite a spectacle.” –Ironed1

20. That was likely strike 3.

“Had a fire drill at work one night. Attendence was taken and two people missing. Couple bosses went back in looking for them. Found them in a storage room having sex. Boss told them to finish up, have a good time, go home and don’t bother coming back.” –Dangerous_Slip_8456

21. Airing out some dirty laundry.

“First day at a job and out of no where an employee yells across the office at the boss “we all know your cheating on your wife with the secretary” the boss freaked out and started yelling at all of us that his personal life is none of our business, the secretary was crying and they both left. I was supposed to be training with the boss that day but because he was gone we all just went down the street to some mexican restaurant and drank all day. pretty cool gig even if it was very short lived.” –handsthefram

22. Eat Fresh.

“Coworkers on ecstasy having sex on the prep table in the back at a Subway.

We were open until 4 am. There was one occasion where a coworker brought in speakers, blacklights and strobes, and we basically had a rave … we made sandwiches with our shirts off that night for customers. Man I have a lot of stories from that time.” –Ethan

23. Small world.

“I worked janitorial at a university and was on the early morning shift. It was normally pretty quiet (4:30am) with few people around. One morning I went to get onto an elevator and there were two people having vigorous sex. There was that awkward moment of us staring at each other as the door stayed opened for a few seconds and then closed again. I had a good laugh then went about my work thinking little of it.

Fast forward 3 years.

I meet this girl and start dating her. After a few months we end up going on a camping trip and we were going to meet a few of her friends out there. When we arrive at the camp site, there was a second awkward moment as I recognized the couple from the elevator and they recognized me. When my gf went introduced us the three of us almost simultaneously said “we’ve met”. When my gf asked when and how we met, we just burst out laughing and ended up telling the story.

Small world.” –aardvark1231

24. These were two separate events.

“Caught two employees banging in a laser tag arena supply closet, with an arena full of children and the game running.

I’ve seen poop on the ceiling. THE CEILING.” –ApathyTX

25. Thank you for your support.

“Back in the 90s I worked at a car wash. Across the alley from the car wash was a small condo with a balcony facing us. One day, a guy was totally banging his girlfriend from behind on the balcony facing us (they were clothed, but pants dropped, skirt hiked). We started to notice after awhile, and as we pointed and showed more co-workers, their tempo increased and then they finished.

And we cheered them on.” –doobie88

h/t Reddit: r/askreddit