People Are Sharing The Most Inappropriate Things They’ve Seen Go Down At Work

People at work are bored. Still, that’s no excuse for behavior that should be left at home. Unless you are home. In which case, make sure your Zoom mic and video are both muted. Otherwise, you may have to talk to HR even though you never stepped foot in the office. Luckily, you can read up about other people who saw heinous things happen at work thanks to Reddit.

Obviously, all these people were bored at work when they checked Reddit and added a story about an NSFW moment they witnessed while at work. That’s what an office job is for! Gossip! If you can’t gossip with coworkers, have I got the Reddit board for you. Someone asked a simple question: “What’s the most NSFW thing you saw go down at work?” and everyone had an answer.

Here are the most inappropriate things people have seen go down at their jobs:

1. Sounds kinda hot, save for the bad part.

“I’m a teacher, our smart boards are linked to our computers but you can freeze what’s on the board so the students can do the work and you can check emails, do registers, etc.

One guy thought he’d frozen the board and proceeded to sext his missus over email during a lesson. he was at least smart enough to use his personal email but he was dumb enough to not check the board was actually frozen. Result was students photographing the rather scandalous emails and snap chatting them to each other. I work on a different site and within two hours it was all over my site as well. The guy no longer works for us.” –Philthedrummist

2. No biggie.

“Guy at work occasionally used the machine shop on site to make pipe bombs.

This was pre-9/11.” –filthy_lucre

3. The HR meeting to end all meetings.

“I had to mediate an intraoffice issue where Employee A refused to interact with Employee B in any sense after they had a bad date. This wouldn’t be a big deal, but it is Healthcare and cooperation is necessary. Employee A is furious that Employee B walked out in the middle of their date and said that he was humiliated just looking at her. Employee B basically agreed to be professional at work and admitted that she wouldn’t have walked out of the date except she was in shock.

“At this point, we’re a little concerned…”

…that whatever shocked her might be a liability to us (drugs, a kiddie porn stash, etc.) so we take them and talk to them separately. Employee A has no idea what we’re talking about. Employee B wants to be discrete but eventually tells us:

Apparently, the date was going well so they decided to skip the movie and go back to Employee A’s place after dinner. He pulls a “let me go get more comfortable” while Employee B waits in the living room. Employee A comes out in head to toe adult baby clothes, diapers included and hands her a strap-on. In actual baby talk voice, he told her what sex acts he wants her to do to him.

His kinks were never discussed beforehand.

Let me tell you, taking notes on that entire situation in a way that is could be disseminated to the president of human resources was a task.

4. An unsafe environment.

“I had a coworker that took massive amount of drugs on busy construction sites. To the point he would sway around and barely keep his feet. The company knew, but was so desperate for workers they turned a blind eye and never did anything about it (shit company, couldn’t keep anybody longer than a year, except this guy).

Had many close calls on the sites and somehow never died. One day he just drove off a site in the middle of the day. The company trucks were GPS tracked, so they found him OD’ed in it in the shady part of town.” –witchking_ang

5. Are you sure this wasn’t a fantasy?

“When I worked at a hotel, one of the housekeepers was known to hook up with guests from time to time. The head housekeeper caught her in the act once, when she was trying to inspect rooms.” –nokittythatsmypie

6. Better that it was deleted and not used in a trailer where they show people’s reaction to the film.

“2 sets of kids (15-16) decided to have sex in the front row of a movie theatre. AT THE SAME TIME while the movie was running – With people in the rows above them. They were wondering what we should do about the footage. I said to leave it. Don’t look and it will go away in 30 days.

Some states have laws about deleting ‘evidence of a crime’ so I let the system take care of it automatically.

The kids were shamed by police and parents. Police were called and so were the parents. The kids acted like it was no big deal.” –LaughableIKR

7. A shocking story.

“I did not see the event, only the aftermath, but when the Filene’s in the mall where I worked was bought out/changing it’s sign to Macys, a worker was electrocuted and died. At first, mall management tried to stay open, but the police forced them to close for the day. Possibly a rumor only, but I later heard that the Filenes/Macys manager had insisted that the electrician work the sign ‘hot.'” –Raspberry_Sweaty

8. Check for cameras.

“I was working 2nd shift security in a pharma company and a line worker came out of the boss’s office all disheveled. The boss had gone home already, so I kept watching and two dudes came out of the office a few minutes later. One was still putting his pants back on.

They were extremely surprised that the door to her office was on camera.

Turns out one of the dudes had stolen a master key from a janitor’s cart and had been using the manager’s office as a bang pad.” –CplSoletrain

9. Rough stuff here.

“Guy came into work very late (back office for a bank) with 2 black eyes and completely beaten up. In front of everyone, and quite loudly, said it was his girlfriend but “you think I’m bad, you should see her”. He was being serious too. Someone also caught him doing a line in the office toilet before he started work that day too.” –BadgerBoom


“A mountain lion appearing in the parking lot, blocking the way into the office building. Definitely not safe to get out of your car and go into the building to work.

Literally not safe to work.” –baelrog

11. Like an episode of Mad Men.

“Saw my boss and a co-worker making out. They were both married at the time. Each came in to my office later that day and had a sit-down with me on “why these types of things happen.” I was 26 years old at the time.” –sonofsin

12. A lot went down.

“I’ve worked at a country club for a long time and there is always scandalous shit going down. House keeper was fucking the maintenance man in the laundry room, a member walked into the bathroom and witnessed a man giving another man a BJ, the beverage cart girl was flashing her new boob job to men for tips, the latest hot off the press story was two co workers were having a 3 some with a member and took pics on his phone. Wife found them, sent them to the GM, two co workers fired on the spot.” –Paper_Thin_Walls

13. Well… at least she doesn’t work for you?

“Woman pulled up behind our building. We had on site security and lots of cameras. She stops, gets out, drops her pants, and shits behind the building.

Security goes out to ask her wtf she’s doing. She scoops her mess up with napkins and drives away.

Our office was near a mall and an interstate highway. There were restaurants and fast food everywhere. There was no reason for her to do that behind our building.” –twatchops

14. Only a year. Librarians are kind.

“I used to work at a library and there was a homeless guy who came in every (other) day, and he used to drunkenly piss his pants while sitting on the upholstered chairs. It got to the point to where we were replacing the chairs since the smell sunk in, and we ended up banning him for a year.” –symbiosa

15. Life comes at you fast.

“Watched a dude do donuts on a forklift and get fired within about 30s as the super was standing there watching it go down.” –CaucasianHumus