35+ Truly Unfortunate, But Still Highly Relatable Pics

16. Nice to have a Tiny Home, but you shouldn’t protect it with a tiny hose.

17. “I just wanted some ice.”

18. “I’m 5’11 and still shop in the Children’s section.” For Sale. Baby Shoes. On A Grown Man.

19. He seems fine with it.

20. How to make a cheesier drink.

21. Once again…”Well, I don’t think AppleCare covers that.”

22. “Toddler wanted to do puzzles.” Sadly, when they finished these, there was still one piece missing from each.

23. I’ve made other plans for Thanksgiving.

24. “Ordered a $12 salad.”

25. When you order a “Salami Baguette” from IKEA.

26. What’s worse than finding a snake in your toilet? Finding one that comes and goes as it pleases.

27. We can fight over which way the roll goes, but not like this.

28. When dad doesn’t spring for someone from Best Buy to mount the TV for you.

29. Did the car… fly into the garage?

30. “When you pay extra for a window seat.”