This Group Is Dedicated To Sharing The Dumbest Things Gen Z Posts Online (18 Tweets)

What is a “Gen Z” moment? Apparently, it’s when you believe something really dumb. In fairness, every generation believes something dumb. All of my Millennial friends have unironic vision boards. Gen X thought (or maybe still think) they were the coolest people to ever exist. Boomers made buying and listening to records an entire personality and then forced us all to acquire massive debt to attend college where we also tried vinyl for a while. Of course, these are stereotypes. Truthfully, we’re all the same. When we were young and dumb, we too believed stupid things. But, now we’ve earned our spot as old people who get to mock the youth while they mock our jeans. It’s fun. It’s tradition. Enjoy it.

The Twitter account @GenZMoments collects the dumbest and funniest things the newest generation actually admitted in public. If you’re looking for someone to blame, I’d say look at their Gen X parents? Or the Boomers who gutted the public school system in favor of charters and private schools. Blame anyone but me. I was already blamed as a Millennial for ruining Applebee’s, the housing market, and the diamond industry. Look somewhere else.

Here are the funniest and dumbest moments Gen Z has given us so far:

1. US geography is tough.


2. We will likely not be talking about this ever.

3. Eating plastic to own the… turtles.

4. Always learning new things…

5. Honestly, not a bad idea.

6. You did that. Yes.

7. Don’t forget!

8. When you are white.

9. Obviously.

10. The struggle is real.

11. It’s only one kind of love.

12. Anime is life.

13. It’s a fish.

14. There literally is, yes.

15. Dang. That’s mean.

16. How would you know? Oh…

17. When you think Anime started before homosexuality.

18. Wow. Didn’t mean to offend anyone.

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