Elon Musk Tweeted Something Only An Out-Of-Touch Billionaire Would, And People Aren’t Happy

Elon Musk is at the center of it all. By that I mean, he gets a lot of attention for having one or two good ideas, and 500 bad ones.

I don’t dislike him. He seems like an interesting guy. If your best idea for clearing up traffic in cities, however, is adding underground roads for electric cars, then you’ve never read a book about how cities work.

Then, there’s his obsession with going to space. Sadly, it seems anyone with a billion dollars (besides Bill Gates) has one idea: get to Mars first.

For once, I’d like to see someone say “I’m giving up all my money to eradicate a disease or cancel other people’s debts.” Again, Bill Gates seems to be doing that, but because he looks like your dad, he doesn’t get a lot of credit.

Long story short, Elon Musk tweeted that he was offended by people who hate space exploration. Like most billionaires with opinions, he missed the point.

Here’s what he wrote:

Here’s the thing, though. People love space.

It’s dark and endless and I want to be sent there alone on a ship with depleting oxygen. What people don’t like about Elon’s tweet is that space can wait while people are still starving on Earth.

Here are the best reactions to Elon Musk’s tweet about space representing hope to so many:

1. You’re doing it wrong, Elon.

2. What are you mad about, really?

3. What do you actually represent, sir?

4. When Marianne steps in, you know you’ve upset the Cosmos.

5. My kind of nerdy joke.

6. Takes one to know one, Elon!

7. We can all get behind this now.

8. It’s about the people you DON’T think about.

9. I love to see Elon get dunked on in meme-form.

10. Good point.

11. Another fun poem.

12. Decisions, decisions.

13. We all love space.

14. Think it over.

15. What people are actually mad about.

16. Enjoy your expensive toys.

17. Learn from my example. Don’t attack space.

18. LOL.

19. What you don’t know about Elon is that he’s actively ruining space.

20. Big mistake. Huge.

21. Think it over.

22. It makes more sense this way.

23. Beautiful.

24. Said it all right here.