People Are Sharing The “Amazing” Ideas They Thought Of While Under The Influence That Turned Out To Be Horrible

Have you ever had a great idea for a product or service? Call me. I will steal it and pitch it on Shark Tank. Just kidding. Honestly, I don’t have the time. Fortunately, the people on this list had ideas that aren’t worth stealing anyway. The following inventions, designs, creative works, products, and services were all thought up while a person was… under the influence. Luckily, they sobered up the next day and remembered how bad their “amazing” idea truly was.

Candidly, I’ve been known to write down ideas at any point in the day or night. Occasionally, that means jotting down a special thought in the middle of the night, usually while a little fuzzy from some substance or other. The weirdest ideas, however, come to me at around 4 AM when I get up in the middle of the night to pee. That’s when I believe ghosts are real for a few seconds and don’t want to walk around in the dark. Anything I come up with then is terrifying.

The people confessing their bad ideas that don’t hold up in the light of day are brave. I wouldn’t post any of mine. They’re all mostly bad sketch ideas. One time, I woke up and wrote down “Movie: The Place Beyond The Penis” instead of “Pines.” Anyway, these are more embarrassing than that. Thankfully, people are willing to post them on Reddit.

Here are the funniest and worst ideas people thought were “amazing” when they were inebriated, then later realized were awful:

1. Someone beat him to it.

“A friend of mine called me around 3:00 in the morning about a fantastic, groundbreaking idea he had for getting sunburn on your feet. He wears Crocs a lot, so I was actually kinda interested.

“Okay. Okay. So, like, cloth or something you can put…on your feet that would keep you from getting sunburn from the holes.”

Socks. He was describing socks.” –RealPokesatsu

2. Like some sort of… fast food?

“To have a fast food spot that sold frozen meals already cooked. Like you can order a heated up hot pocket, toaster strudel, chicken pot pie, etc.” –Brilliant-Garden-188

3. Why has no one thought of this?

“I came up with the idea of making pens with white ink that would cover up any mistakes on white paper….realized not only that it had been done already but that I had one in my backpack next to where I keep the pen I used to write down the idea.” –abelicious77

4. The deepest thought in the known universe.

“I was beyond confident that I had not only finally understand the truest, deepest secret of the Universe, but that I had distilled the idea into an image that could be drawn out. I was certain that with that image I could remember everything about the true universal secrets when I came down.

The next day I looked at the paper, and it was a line with a circle on each end, like a dumbbell. I have no idea what it means.” –CommercializedPan

5. I’m ready to invest in this idea.

“A food truck specializing in egg rolls the size of burritos.” –SharingSmiles

6. Thinking about becoming the change you wish to see in the world.

“Running for my local school board. I had a lot of issues with the way the education works in our country and believed the best way to fix the system was by running an honest campaign and promising to fight for the change that would help kids learn better.

Ultimately, I sobered up and realized an (at the time) unemployed, stoned 24 year old with no kids was not the best candidate.” –Youngblood519

7. Legitimately a good idea. Would watch.

“The TV show Cheaters, except with stray cats. Candid cameras catching cats being unfaithful with other neighborhood cats and a human host interviewing the cats getting cheated on, just like the tv show.

Still kinda want this to be a thing in a sober mindset.” –henhensowner

8. Your cousin burst the bubble.

“Sugar bags. Like tea bags but for sugar. Tea and two sugars? One tea bag, two sugar bags. As we were stoned as fuck, my cousin holding up an emptied tea bag filled with sugar and me trying to carefully tie it back up with a piece of cotton, my cousin disappointingly says ‘Sugar cubes.'” –TheSilverCube

9. This is hot but I’m sure it’s been done.

“A thing you put on the laptop charger thing that gets hot which keeps your cheese dip hot.” –Skukkix23

10. This idea made me laugh out loud.

“King Kong but with a giraffe.” –clockworkear

11. The good news is you can buy in anytime.

“I thought of a great business idea where everyone pays money to a pot and one person wins it all.

Turns out the lottery already exists.” –curt_schilli

12. Take… my money!

“I had this idea that the Taken films should each focus on a different “set of skills”. Like Liam Neeson could be an amazing chef in Taken 2, and perhaps a postman in Taken 3.” –tkwl

13. Why not?

“Exacto-spoon. It is an exacto knife only a spoon.” –valleyoftheballs

14. What could possibly go wrong?

“I thought it would be practical if you would have a tag with your address written on it attached to your keys, so if you ever lost them they can be sent back.

Seemed brilliant to me, thieves might enjoy this idea as well.” –Sparkling_Hedgehog

15. Is this already a thing?

“A pot or bowl with holes in it so that you didn’t have to use a wire-mesh strainer to strain spaghetti. I had drawings and everything. People around me were like “shit, this thing is going to make MILLIONS!!!”

Next day: Dude, that’s a colander.” –hendergle