Just When You Thought The Internet Couldn’t Get Any Dumber… (28 Pics)

We all make mistakes. Say Laffy! You can’t be any dumber than people who say “Bone Apple Tea.”

It’s time we saw the worst spelling and grammar mistakes the world has to offer. Whenever you feel you’ve hit rock bottom, someone on the internet makes it worse. Well, at least you know you’re not the dumbest person in the world right now.

If a tree falls in the forest, and it looks dumb as hell doing it, are any of the following people smarter than that tree? I submit that they are not.

People who prove that the Internet could always get dumber:

1. Anyone who’s a professional writer knows it is a curse.

2. That is indeed a “great fruit.”

3. You mean authenticity?

4. So many what?

5. The old cold sack.

6. Foodborne illness?

7. When you don’t care about the reproductions or spelling.

8. They are very close.

9. Butterflies.

10. Not too evil.

11. Terrarium?

12. Bone Arrow.

13. The dress has never seen action.

14. Good Riddance?

15. Dominated by America’s pastime.

16. Did she now?

17. Extinct?

18. Do you lemonade?

19. No, it’s not.

20. Maybe it belongs to Bing Bong?

21. I can barely read this one.

22. Proud to be an American.

23. Watch out for those illnesses from the Pacific.

24. Well… is it?

25. When the bread rises and becomes a hybrid.

26. When you don’t know anything but comment anyway.

27. What is happening here?

28. Mr. Goodie Tissue.

29. Back on the Trade Mail.

30. Bionics.

h/t r/BoneAppleTea