People Are Sharing The “Amazing” Ideas They Thought Of While Under The Influence That Turned Out To Be Horrible

16. Home safe and now a billionaire.

“My niece drunk texted me and went on and on about her idea for “Party Popper Tampons”. She wanted to make tampons that shot out string and confetti when you pulled the string. It was all something about women celebrating their freedom and vaginas. It was a very confusing 2am series of texts when she was just supposed to let me know she made it home safe from her night out.” –AugurX75

17. Amazing.

“I have a running note on my phone with my ideas I have while intoxicated. I think my best one is “What if there was a queer eye spinoff called “third eye” where hippies and conspiracy theorists try to awaken people who are already happy with their lives.'” –sometimes_walruses

18. It’s only dangerous if it actually happens.

“I was thinking that kids these days need more time on the road to be better drivers – so maybe Uber should partner with driving education groups and like subsidize them or pay the kids in college bonds or whatever.

Yeah, maybe hiring a bunch of terrible drivers for your taxi services isn’t such a great idea.” –dacandyman0

19. Yes.

“Turn signals on grocery carts.”

20. Like a paperweight for the drinkers.

“Beer rocks. When drinking at an outdoor place, using plastic cups, you put fancy rocks in your beer so the cups don’t blow over. Genius.” –narwhal-narwhal

21. Make soccer watchable!

“When a football match goes into extra time, they should add a second ball. If it gets to half time without anyone scoring they add a third ball.

I’m actually not sure this idea is a bad one.” –FuckThatFuckShit

h/t Reddit: r/AskReddit