Vandalism Is Wrong Unless It’s Hilarious (30 Mildly Vandalised Pics)

Mildly vandalised signs are the best kind of vandalism. No one is drawing their own name in the cement in the hopes of being remembered by children staring at the sidewalk. No one is putting their tag on the side of a building. Funny people are out there simply doing the Lord’s work by spinning everyday sights into comedy gold.

I dare you to carry a permanent marker around town and not think of funny ways to improve the signage in your area. It might look easy, but simplicity takes time and a lot of thought. Honestly, the best writers say that writing is all about re-writing. Write drunk, edit sober. Well, these (probably high) people are taking editing to a whole new level and it’s hilarious.

Here are the funniest “mildly vandalised” signs and photos that people had time to find this month:

1. Take one for the team!

2. Chomp.

3. The disobedience is about to get… uncivil.

4. God said so.

5. So simple but so brilliant.

6. It’s all I see when I see these.

7. Very supportive friends!

8. Is this necessary?

9. A dark thought.

10. My facial hair after a year inside.

11. They must have to reset them every day.

12. This country does not need any more access to that.

13. If we don’t switch to electric cars, this will start happening.

14. Dance, dance, revolution.

15. Speed boobs ahead.

16. Isn’t it true of most traffic?

17. The rare non-verbal vandalism.

18. When they look at my resume.

19. My favorite singer.

20. Be polite or else this will happen.

21. Bummer.

22. Maybe they paid for the advertising.

23. This artist had a lot to say.

24. Switch it up.

25. Someone has a sense of humor.

26. This is my stop.

27. Makes every product epic.

28. You know why we’re here.

29. I’ve found they can’t be trusted.

30. Utter chaos.

h/t Reddit: r/MildlyVandalised